my girl wants to wear under armour yoga gear all the time / wear under armour yoga gear all the time

My client is Under Armour (UA), the American sports clothing and accessories company. And, my social media plan expands on my Google AdWords strategy of promoting its line of yoga apparel. 

My target audience would be women, who comprise 72 percent of those who practice yoga in the U.S. This according to

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Mazda 2



This assignment will cover all the basics of the social media campaign for Mazda.

Whole Foods Social Media Strategy

365In my previous post, I gave you some preliminary steps that I would take to create a strategy for Whole Foods Market; outlined below are more specific strategies:

Market Intelligence

TOMS Shoes: Putting Our Best Foot Forward

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Our Audience

Social Media Marketing Strategy: Gatorade



Social Media has obviously become a large-scale force in our marketing world today. Not only to people use social media for personal use, but businesses also use it to market their companies products, letting consumers know when new materials are available. In this assignment, I will be constructing a social media marketing strategy for my brand, Gatorade.

under armour is a charmer! who couldn't resist their yoga wear?

I propose a Google AdWords campaign where Under Armour (UA), the American sports clothing and accessories company, would focus on promoting its line of Yoga apparel. Their merchandise in this area includes leggings, tank tops, shorts, and bags.

Does the Shoe Fit? Selecting the Most Efficient Keywords for TOMS Shoes' Google AdWords Campaign

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Company Background

Whole Foods 365 Days a Year!

Whole Foods Market started in 1980 in Austin Texas; today they have over 300 stores in the United States and the United Kingdom; including a new store opening in Midtown Detroit in 2013. Their goal is to provide quality natural and organic products from local suppliers and others known for producing the best and most natural ingredients.