Location-Based Apps: How Can They Help?

I found this week’s assignment to be very interesting from a marketing perspective, and discovered a lot of new ways to use mobile marketing. When I first heard about location-based apps like FourSquare, I had no idea why anyone would want to use them. Who cares where I’m eating, shopping, or running errands? After doing some research, however, I realized the implications these apps can have for businesses. The first article I came across was this NMDL resource.

It Pays to Know: Using Google Tools to Profit From Information

While browsing the plethora of digital expansion opportunists offered by various Google tools, apps, and services, I had a "lightbulb" moment.... All of the Google tools were offering ways to grow your business, the Google Apps offered fun ways to connect, and Google's services somehow simplified everything. Why not use your ideas and a combination of Google offerings to create a working concept for a brand of your own? Using Google one could set up and manage a service without the luxury of financial capital, you could instead harness the capital of information.

My Google Tools

The Many Facets of Google

Google is All Encompassing!

Google ServicesGoogle's history is amazing. In less than 20 years, they went from working in a garage to offices all over the world, and allowing people to create everything from an email account to file storage in one central location.

Paws Up Digital Media Strategy


The Resort at Paws Up

Digital Marketing Strategy 

Kristel Klank



Final Exam Answers


Part 1.

Category: Internet Marketing (PPC)

Title: Google AdWords Vs. Facebook Ads

URL: http://sparkboutik.com/attention-management/facebook-ads-vs-google-adwords/

Google Adwords Campaign for Quality Dairy

Quality Dairy

My Brief to Lou & Harry

Dear Lou and Harry,

Allow me to preface this memo by saying that I truly enjoy your sports bar and grill.  I have had many great times there, and anticipate many more.  However, I feel that you could do quite a bit to improve your presence on the internet.

First of all, I’d like you to take a look at the image you project online...

Perry Marshall is Google Adwords Great

Now that we are on Google Adwords, it's important to mention someone who taught me a lot. His name is Perry Marshall. Take a look at his Google Adwords web site. See what you can learn. He offer some free tutorials, and his book is stellar. Perry also wrote a new book with my friend Tom Meloche on Facebook Advertising. Here is an opportunity to expand your knowledge and really do a deep dive.

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