Who is really on Facebook?

The statistics on who uses Facebook are very valuable to companies.  Specific demographics are what makes Facebook's advertising so great; as companies can target the exact audience that they need.  I find it really interesting to note that 70% of Facebook users are outside of the U.S.  I would have assumed a higher percentage of U.S. users however this statistic is a great thing for Facebook and international advertisers.

New Media Drivers License Resource Guide

Looking for the best book on digital marketing? The New Media Drives License Resource Guide by Richard T. Cole and Derek Mehraban is a great place to start.

Identifying with your consumer, effectively influencing.

It’s pretty difficult to summarize what I just absorbed from reading those near 180 pages, but each chapter touched on a few critical points. My overall understanding led me to think solely of the necessity to know your consumer, have your consumer trust your organization and most importantly, how to influence them.

Pull it all together: Know your buyers and create content for them

Search engine optimizationIn the final section of The New Rules of Marketing and PR—and throughout the rest of the book—David Meerman Scott reminds marketers that knowing their buyers and creating content specifically for them is crucial in today’s age of digital marketing and PR. Whether it’s maintaining a blog or writing press releases, mar

Creating a Following

In order to promote my blog (besides sharing with my proud parents…) I did a number of things:

  • First, I added gadgets to connect it to some of my profiles and allow people to easily share. I have “Follow Me on Twitter” and “Tweet” buttons and Facebook “Like” and “Share” buttons for my overall blog. I also added coding that will add a “Like” button to the end of all of my posts in addition to the automatic share buttons that the Blogger Platform makes available for each post.

New Social Media Specialist

Social Media Specialist

Best Class at MSU?

Is the New Media Drivers License the "Best Class at MSU"? From what Michigan State University students tell me, it could be. Reasons students enjoy the class:

- Teaches them all about social media marketing.

- Teaches Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click Advertising.

- Gives students hands on experience with real brands.

- Taught by professionals in the business. One the owner of Digital Marketing Agency - Ingenex, and one at Google.

Douglas J Marketing Strategy

Humane Society of Huron Valley Marketing Strategy


Social Marketing Strategy: The McKinney Foundation


The McKinney Foundation

Digital Media Marketing Stratey Recommendation


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