E-Trade: Only the babies get recognition

In examining E-Trade in the online world, its tough to track much other than the E-Trade company name. It's alarming that in tracking stock-related terms or phrases, that you rarely, if ever, come across E-Trade's name. Primarily, for tracking E-Trade on the web I used Google-alerts, Twitter #hashtags, and Trackur.com. Overwhelmingly enough, the only E-Trade friendly info. came after searching just that, the company name. I tried tracking "stocks for beginners", "how to invest", "stock tips", thinking that E-Trade should have something invested into these terms. Nope.

Magic Kingdom Keyword Monitoring

I chose to use HootSuite and Google Alerts to monitor Magic Kingdom's brand. It took me a while to figure out how to use HootSuite because it seemed counter intuitive to put in my own social media information.

The Four Seasons Hotels Online Traffic


The Four Seasons Hotels Online Traffic


Four Seasons


To be News Release savvy...

Scott brought up some good points and usefull information in this chapter, but there were a couple of things I don't know if I agreed with.

Communicate directly with your audience

5 Key Points for Search Engine Optimization

The five key points I identified while reading chapter 22, Search Engine Marketing, were as follows:

Phat Magazine SEO audit



Phat Magazine was recently put on hold due to our editors illness. She has recently recovered and we are now back to working on the magazine. This SEO audit is exactly what the magazine needs. Hopefully it will help us increase brand awarness and let everyone know that we are back.

5 Tips to Reach Customers Through Effective Search Engine Marketing


Speak and ListenDavid Meerman Scott offers many ways that a company can use search engine marketing effectively. The following are the top 5 that I believe are the most important.


Blogging 101

New World Marketing: How to Use the Web to Succeed

Marketing isn't just about scheming big buck commercials, and PR isn’t just about pitching press releases to the media anymore: it’s about utilizing the web!  Think about it: consumer audiences don’t lead a life simple enough to be reached by mass messages; if you want to find your target audience, you’ve got to think like they think! Here’s the skinny-


Key Points from "New Rules of Marketing & PR," by David Meerman Scott

David Meerman Scott’s “New Rules of Marketing & PR,” opened up my eyes to how much the advertising and marketing industry has evolved in the last 10 years.


I'd like to highlight five important points from Scott's first chapter, Old Rules of Marketing and PR.

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