Douglas J Institutes - Digital Strategy

Douglas J Institutes - Digital Strategy

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While Douglas J Institutes have a current online presences there is always room for businesses to improve on their new media plan. I have briefly compiled information this businesses, it's competitors and other industry leaders in order to create the following digital strategy plan.


You Are What You Publish: Building Your Marketing and PR Plan


Planning Social Media Strategy


One of the most important chapters in this book is chapter 10 because it outlines important steps a business needs to make to build their online marketing and public relations plan.  Some of the most important steps are:

ELFF SEM Campaign Brief

East Lansing Film Festival SEM Campaign Brief


I. Going Digital

East Lansing Film Festival: The Importance of Online Advertising


elff         plus sign blue addition      Google search

Google AdWords Campaign for East Lansing Film Festival

East Lansing Film Festival logo

SCVNGR, Can you find me now?

Foursquare or Be Square

A location-based service (LBS) is an information and entertainment service that uses a smartphone's built-in GPS to display restaurants, bars, parks, and other attractions in your city. When you visit any of those locations, you "check in" on the LBS app, which broadcasts your location to your friends. You'll also see where your friends have checked in, which helps you meet up with them or find new things to do.

Foursquare...No Longer Just a Playground Game


Key Points: Online Video Strategies and Content-Rich Web Sites

Going Viral:

Going Viral & Content Rich Websites


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