Inbound Marketing Week

The week of June 2nd – June 6th 2014 marks Inbound Marketing Week. This is a legitimate global event, hosted by the inbound marketing god, Hubspot. Inbound and digital marketers from all over the world will gather in places like Chicago, Austin and London to talk about past inbound events, discuss the latest trends, and shape the future of inbound. Brilliant.

Klout Does What??

My thoughts on Klout/ My Current Klout Score

Before taking this class, I had no idea that Klout existed. When future employers search for me on Google, hopefully my Klout will be one of the first profiles to appear. This way employers will not have to going searching Google for all my social media profiles, since Klout connects them all together in one place.

Presenting Burberry as not just as Trench Coats

This presentation talks about the digital strategy for my brand - Burberry. Let me take you through it step by step.

GEICO-Final Presentation

Please click here to see my final presentation

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Earned Media > Owned Media

Earned Media is King

Earned Media > Owned Media

GEICO AdWords Campaign

Car Insurance


Online radio advertising

Do you use Spotify? How about Pandora? 

The answer's probably yes... I think. I know I couldn't get by without Spotify.

More and more, online advertisers are looking at Spotify and Pandora -- often times in lieu of radio ads. In Detroit, Pandora would be one of the top five radio stations if it was on the air, and it's continuing to grow.



What is inbound marketing? I never heard this word before but I found it’s an important marketing form I should know after I understand what it is. In my word, the easiest way to understand the inbound marketing is that it is a marketing way that attracts people’s interest instead of buying it. Before understand more deeply about inbound marketing, I try to find out what other marketing forms are.

Outbound with The Old and Inbound With The New: Why It's all about Inbound Marketing These Days

How Marketing has changed for the Better                                      

In today’s fast paced society it is very hard to grab theattention of consumers and even harder to keep them coming back for more. Asmany businesses small and large have come to realize, there is a certain waythat you need to market to those that you are trying to sell too.

The Supreme Power of Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing > Traditional Marketing

After researching inbound marketing, I can say it is without a doubt superior to traditional marketing.  According to the Association of Fundraising Professionals, the four principles of traditional marketing are to pinpoint your product, set the price, plan the promotion, and pick the right place. defines inbound marketing as “creating quali

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