Lululemon Campaign

                  An effective strategy for an individual to understand how a Google AdWord campaign works is to create one their self.  To demonstrate, I will walk through a mock process to go about an effective strategy.  For my example I chose the company Lululemon. 

The Palace of the NBA, Home of the Pistons


Blow Your Nose AdWord Campaign


“Pizza! Pizza!” A phrase that has become widely known as the trademark of the now third largest Pizza Chain in the nation, Little Caesars.  After researching this company a little further and discovering Google Adwords, I have discovered some of the keywords that are relevant in the searches produced by consumers.

Promoting Rick's American Café through Google AdWords

The company I chose to start my Google AdWords campaign for is Rick’s American Café located not only in East Lansing, but Ann Arbor as well. To pick keywords I first researched the companies website to get some inspiration. I avoided one-word keywords because they are too vague for them to hold any relevance if someone is searching for those words. The keywords I chose are as follows:

Creating Your Dream Restaurant

After searching through multiple Pinterest contests online, I came to one in particular that caught my eye as well as my imagination. The contest came from Food Service Warehouse who wanted inspiration from its Pinterest followers to create their dream cafe, bar, or restaurant by creating a new Pinterest board with 20 pins consisting of their dream restaurant; what is in it, the appliances used, the atmosphere, etc.

Increasing Your Outreach through SEO

Helpful Beginners Facts and Tips for Social Media Hermits

Helpful Beginners Facts and Tips for Social Media Hermits

It may be that it’s the first section of the book, and therefore must be informative, but I found this first chapter to be very informative and extremely helpful for this upcoming class and what it can accomplish for me in the future.

Grasping Social Media: How To Break The Giant Into Manageable Pieces

I was intrigued by what I would find when “Google This: The New Media Driver’s License” by Richard T. Cole and Derek Mehraban challenged me to search What President Obama Can Teach You About Social Media. (Page 7) After finding and reading the link I found it interesting that the same basic social media principles are applicable to multiple industries and interest groups.

Bose Digital Marketing




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