A Digital Strategy For The New Era of Health Food Nuts

 Below are the accompanying notes to my digital strategy campaign presentation for Whole Foods Market

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Victoria's Secret: Final Digital Strategy Campaign

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I want my female audience to feel welcomed into Victoria’s Secret. It’s a personal and private matter of shopping, so my biggest goal is for my target audience to feel more comfortable.  To promote the company is to know the company and it’s cliental.

Emily Smith's Second Half Exam

            In order for this digital marketing campaign to be successful, it is imperative to conduct research on Virgin Atlantic’s clientele to determine the target audience of this campaign. An equal amount of men and women use this airline when traveling, however the most common age demographic of Virgin Atlantic fliers is above the age of 35, highly educated, and wealthy (has an average annual income over one-hundred thousand dollars).

Virgin Airlines: The Largest Airline Fleet Digital Marketing Strategy

Virgin Airlines Digital Marketing Strategy


Goal: Become largest airline by doubling our fleet of planes, increasing brand awareness amongst customers, implement new digital marketing techniques. Fill our new fleets seats within 6 months.


Target Audience: Vacationers, Business travelers, and General Frequent flyers.


Campaign for Soaring Sales with Virgin Airlines (Second Half Exam)

Competition in the airline industry is fierce. People these days are growing to be more uneasy while flying, so airlines are trying to prove that they are the safest, most efficient airline to travel with. If Virgin Airlines has decided to increase the competition with Delta Airlines by upping the number of planes in airports around the country. To match such a move by the company, a digital campaign will be one of the most important things to construct.

Exam 2! Virgin Airlines!!

           I was assigned the Virgin Airlines example. To help fill the planes I would start by creating social media pages. I would create a Twitter for the younger generations and update it with the deals that the airline would be offering. I would show the prices to the lowest airline tickets and the prices would hopefully catch peoples attention and bring them into our website. A lot of the time airline tickets are cheaper then what people think so once they see the low price it might urge them to plan a trip and book a flight.

Find what customers need and give unexpected benefits


Virgin Airlines Heads to the Top [exam 2]


To begin spreading the word of Virgin Airlines brand new expanded fleet the first thing we would do is set up various social media platforms. Obviously Facebook and Twitter would come first as they are the two most prominent. Virgin Airlines Facebook page would be updated to include the various aspects of their new line and would offer some type of incentive to the user who liked their page and was thinking of flying somewhere.

The newly acclaimed Virgin Airlines


In recent years, an airline‘s marketing strategy included advertising channels such as magazines, billboards, television, radio, print and possibly travel agent brochures. Nowadays, marketers must keep up with the trends and carefully adjust their strategy based on those latest trends using different mediums to plan and purchase their leisure and corporate travel. The latest trend in the airline advertising world being digital marketing.


Cleaning Up Our Great Lakes

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