iPhone 5 Digital Strategy Presentation

My client is Apple and I will be doing my presentation on a digital strategy for the Apple iPhone 5.

Slide 1: Introdue the product


Slide 2: Target Audience

Whole Foods Market - Final Presentation


Slide 1

Whole Foods Market is America’s Healthiest Grocery Store®. Digital strategy will focus appealing to the growing demographic of health conscious individuals and turn them into loyal, core customers.


Slide 2

Whole Foods Markets is the leading retail provider of natural and organic foods.

“Category-killer” in the organic and natural food business.

Starbucks Social Media Campaign Launch

 Starbucks store

  Slide 1: My name is Lydia Pavach, and I created a media strategy for Starbucks.

Google +1 Campaign

Company Background and Goals

 I chose Google to build a full digital strategy. At first, this seemed like a daunting task, given the enormity of the company and the many business facets. However, I discovered that the company could be broken down into several business verticals:

Barnes & Noble: The Comprehensive Bookseller Advantage


Market Background



Net-a-porter.com is an online retailer specializing in luxury fashion. Net-a-porter.com was launched in 1999 by founder, Natalie Massenet. Massenet created net-a-porter.com to offer busy businesswomen, and those women who do not have access to high-end departmental stores. Net-a-porter.com offers these women unrestricted access to luxury shopping, no geographical or time constraints created the ultimate convenience for net-a-porter.com customers.

INTEL Digital Marketing Brief

My Blog Post: http://daileysa.newmediadl.com/2012/11/26/andrew-bird/



Target Audience:  

Oakley Digital Media Strategy

Target Audience

Whole Foods Market - Digital Strategy

IBM Digital Strategy


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