Web video ads: what do you think?

With more and more people "cutting the cord" and dumping cable/satellite TV for Internet video (e.g. Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV or Roku), it's no surprise that online video advertising is booming.

According to a recent report from FreeWheel, a company that manages web video ad placement, video ad views are growing even faster than online video plays:

Total video views

Hubspot or Marketo?

Today I want you to take a look at some Inbound Marketing tools. Two of the best out there are Hubspot and Marketo. Have you checked them out yet? Take a spin and share your thoughts on the comments of this blog post.

PANTONE Color of the Year 2013 and Art.com Pinterest Contest

contest description[Memo] Pantone Inc. is a corporation known for its Pamtone Matching System (PMS), whihc is primarily used in painting. This year, Pantone held "Color of the year" contest with Art.com on Pinterest. The picture on the left is a description of the contest rules.

Happily Pinning for PerfectlyRomanticGifts.com Contest

After searching Google for Pinterest contests in February of 2013 I finally found one that was current and worth doing! The contest was held by Gifts.com and focused on creating a pin board full of gift ideas and romantic things for Valentines Day. Not only was there a $500 shopping spree prize for the winner but if my boyfriend sees this board I can only hope he will take a hint at some great gift ideas! 

What's your Favorite thing about Michigan State University?

OK students, it's time to come clean. We all know Michigan State University is a wonderful place to be. But I'm curious, what makes it amazing for you? Is it the great classes, the campus, sports teams, fraternities or sororities, friends? Comment on this post and tell me why you feel MSU rocks.

4 Steps for Social Media Marketing Strategy

Since social media marketing is a growing trend and more and more small businesses are trying to get some benefits from it. This article drew a big picture of the social media marketing strategy into four steps: content, Communication, Conversation, and Conversion. Hopefully, businesses would ultimately growing sales and profits by following the guideline.


iPhone 5 Digital Strategy Presentation

My client is Apple and I will be doing my presentation on a digital strategy for the Apple iPhone 5.

Slide 1: Introdue the product


Slide 2: Target Audience

Whole Foods Market - Final Presentation


Slide 1

Whole Foods Market is America’s Healthiest Grocery Store®. Digital strategy will focus appealing to the growing demographic of health conscious individuals and turn them into loyal, core customers.


Slide 2

Whole Foods Markets is the leading retail provider of natural and organic foods.

“Category-killer” in the organic and natural food business.

Starbucks Social Media Campaign Launch

 Starbucks store

  Slide 1: My name is Lydia Pavach, and I created a media strategy for Starbucks.

Google +1 Campaign

Company Background and Goals

 I chose Google to build a full digital strategy. At first, this seemed like a daunting task, given the enormity of the company and the many business facets. However, I discovered that the company could be broken down into several business verticals:

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