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Many browse for various shopping needs.

Detroit Lions Company Campaign

The Detroit Lions 2013 season is rapidly approaching and to generate money and reach our goals for this season we have to formulate a good campaign or plan of attack.  I have a feeling that this year is going to be a special one not only for the Detroit Lions but the fans of Detroit as well.  We have the pieces to the puzzle, for example young talented players mixed with the experienced veterans to help lead the team, now we just have to put the pieces together.  There is a lot of hype and anticipation surrounding this year’s Lions, which in turns makes our job a little

Where is Online Shopping Going Next?

Throughout my career I have collected a fair amount of friends who share simmilar, but different occupations. Meaning they work on or with websites but don't design them. The most valuable aspect of these friendships is the broad range of industries thet work in. From automotive to news, a quick conversation always gives me perspective on the next online growth area.

A Pinteresting Approach at Promotion

With social bookmarking being an influential tool in helping businesses connect and interact with their markets, Pinterest has become so much more than just a website centered around people "pinning" their interests to boards that they create. Businesses can use Pinterest in a variety of ways. They can use the website to introduce new products and concepts, pinning different images of the product to the product's board.

Instagram and Vine

We live in a time of great innovation in the online/technology world - which makes it fun (and challenging) for digital media practitioners to keep up with the latest and greatest social networks.

Social Media Is Changing Our Lives

The various articles I read made me realize one thing; social media is changing our lives.  Whether it be watching YouTube on your television through your gaming device or checking your Facebook on your smartphone, we are more globally connected today than we ever have been.

Effective New Ways to Increase Your Presence on Social Media

Top 5 Enterprises Using Social Media

Incorporating Social Media Into My Life Starting NOW

First off, I'm not entirely social media illiterate but I definitely wouldn't qualify as being a social media guru to anyone who is the least bit tech savvy. To give some insight as to why my most current endeavours are in dire need of some "social sugar-coating," I am currently the public relations/events coordination intern for MSU's College of Communication Arts & Sciences and WKAR. Yes, it's a mouthful to say the least. Basically I'm helping to handle most of the public relations functions of the College as well as assisting in the planning and execution of events.

A Holiday Inn Express Campaign: "Affordable Family Fun"

Target Market

One of the most important first steps in building a new digital strategy for a company is picking the correct target market. Holiday Inn Express’ target market aims traditional at men ages 35 to 54 business travelers and last minute booking (Holiday Inn Express Website). However, with the new target demographic for this task it changes the strategy. The target markets for this campagin are families and couples.

Holday Inn Bahamas Campaign

  Digital Campaign Keywords Holiday Inn Express

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