A Holiday Inn Express Campaign: "Affordable Family Fun"

Target Market

One of the most important first steps in building a new digital strategy for a company is picking the correct target market. Holiday Inn Express’ target market aims traditional at men ages 35 to 54 business travelers and last minute booking (Holiday Inn Express Website). However, with the new target demographic for this task it changes the strategy. The target markets for this campagin are families and couples.

Holday Inn Bahamas Campaign

  Digital Campaign Keywords Holiday Inn Express

Digital Contagion_Kleenex Digital Strategy

Kleenex is the leading tissue brand in the US. The brand name has even become a synonym for tissue, which some might see as a negative for the brand since it takes a little away from brand recognition. However, this “curse” can be twisted into a blessing. Current trends suggest that consumers now look for brands that are more relatable, engaging, and consumer friendly.

A Digital Strategy For ASG Renaissance



The digital arena is changing the world!

Campbell's Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy for New York Yankees

Target Audience:

Volvo Digital Campaign Strategy to DRIVE Sales

For my client, Volvo, I will implement a full digital strategy utilizing many different media outlets and tools.

Volvo Dealership Outside

Joe’s Crab Shack : Digital Marketing Strategy

Joe’s Crab Shack : Digital Marketing Strategy


PepsiCo Smile Digital Campaign

A Smiling Target Audience

Campaigning Digitally for Patagonia

*Overall objective: Increase awareness about Patagonia's parternship with "Common Threads" and the enviornment. After the six month campaign, we hope to see an increase in Common Thread pledges and ecommerce sales. 

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