Getting Political

Yesterday we saw record turn-out for the mid-term elections. Living in an increasingly connected digital world it's hard to ignore the influence that social media has on not only voting but political views in general.

What was your experience on social leading up to the vote? What type of messages were you being exposed to and by whom? Were you influenced by what you saw? Did you do research to confirm it's truth?

What Was Your Biggest Take Away?

We've completed the first class and covered a wide range of potential new topics. Inbound marketing, social, search, content marketing, etc... We'll be taking a deeper dive into each of these digital marketing segments over the semester but we're curious what was the most interesting thing you learned on day one? Why did you find this interesting or relevant?



Most Interesting Digital Trends and Tools 2018

Curious to hear your thoughts on what are the most interesting trends and tools you have found for 2018? 

As you are doing research for the class you've probably stumbled across some interesting and unique ways to drive traffic and improve business using digital marketing. 

In the comments, list the one that you feel is most unique and compelling. Something I haven't heard of even. I will pick one winner who will win a $10 Starbucks card. Entries must be on time for class participation.

Final Presentation

Super Bowl Social

Smart digital marketers are always looking for ways to take advantage of the "second screen" experience. This is where traditional television media attempts to extend the experience to mobile devices. For example, if you're watching The Walking Dead you might tweet your reactions and discuss the show real-time with others who've also tuned in.

What would you like to know?

We're reaching the end of the semester and you've been exposed to lots of new media marketing strategizes and techniques. While the curriculum covers a vast amount of information in reality we've only scratched the surface. Any given lesson could be an entire course. Additionally, there's lots of topics we didn't cover at all.

We often do a Q&A as part of the last class. Here is your opportunity to ask us questions about anything. It could be related to a lesson we covered, a lesson we didn't cover, work, getting a job or life in general.

Is Snapchat Selling Out?

Is Snapchat selling out?

Snapchat recent revealed that they're in the process of redesigning their application to increase it's appeal to the mass market, mainly older generations. Snapchat's rise to popularity was much in part by it's distinct appeal to a younger audience and almost intentional alienation of "adults."

It's easy to assume this change is instigated by investors who are unhappy with seeing Snapchat's usage numbers. Do you think this is a smart move that will pan out for Snapchat or just alienate their original and most loyal audience?

The Morality of Online Advertising

This week you're learning about online advertising. From an advertiser's perspective, digital platforms have numerous advantages over traditional media.

For one, you can hyper-target your audience. Rather than advertising to everyone who's watching a particular show at a particular time you can target people by age, gender, education, interest, products you've previously looked at and more.

Additionally, you can see exactly how effective your campaign is. How many people saw it? How many people click on it? How many people purchased afterward. It's extremely effective.

The Importance of Self Directed Learning

Higher education is changing and the internet has a lot to do with it. Finding information used to be difficult. Your parents may still have bookshelves of encyclopedias, which used to be the most convenient way to find information on a wide range of topics. Now we have access thousands of times more information sitting in our pockets. Learning and memorizing facts is not important, we can look up facts instantly. What is important is meta-learning (learning how to learn) and problem-solving. These are the valuable skills today.

Summer of Amazon

This summer Amazon has been on the move. Buying Whole Foods. Today was Amazong Prime day. Amazon is a category killer and seems to be killing more than one category.

How do you use Amazon? Who do you think wins the battle for home systems like Alexa, Siri or Google? Are you Prime?

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