Are Commercials Less Relevant, Sponsoring Celebrities, Social Accounts and Jobs, and Following Consumer Back

I've noticed name brand products more in movies and TV shows. Do these large companies (Ex: Jeep) pay high dollar to have their products used in film? Are commericials less effective because of applications that don't require them like Netflix and TV show recording?

Yes, the traditional thrity second commercial is becoming less and less relevant. Consumer behavior switching to an on-demand model where it's easy to skip or eliminate advertisements. Further, most consumers are growing less tolerant of any push form of advertising.

Answers to your burning digital media questions

Hey all: thanks for a great start to this semester. Without further adieu, answers to some of your best questions from last week's blog post. As always, keep questions coming in the comments below and Ross will answer them next week!

Broadcast Media has had the power & influence for the last half century. Will Social Media become more influential than broadcast media?

Digging Into Your Online Brand

Your first assignment is to pick a brand and audit their digital footprint. What platforms are they on? What type of content do they publish? What is their website like? etc...

You'll probably find some things that don't make total sense. Why is my brand not on Twitter? Why is their website setup this way?

Sometimes the answer is not so obvious. Here is a chance to learn more. What have you come across that you'd like some clarity on?

Your future in digital marketing and other questions answered

Howdy, all. Wanted to answer a few of your questions from last week below. Keep 'em coming!

- Graham 

How does a company decide how much money it is going to allocate for online marketing and digital content?

More on Social and How to Get All Your Participation Points

Hello students,

I'm up to bat on answering your questions!


First and most important, some of you have misunderstood the purpose of these Q&A's. For these blog posts you are supposed to ask questions regarding the subject matter of this weeks lesson. This is not an area for questions about your grade, your specific homework assignment the midterm or the final. You need to ask those questions on the assignment comment area itself.

Welcome to the world of digital

So it's your first week of the New Media Drivers License. This class is a great opportunity to learn a massive amount about new media marketing. How much you learn will be determined by the effort you put in.

Weekly blog posts are one of the ways you can get even more out of this class. Each week we will answer questions you have regarding this weeks subject matter. This isn't a place to ask questions about the assignment, rather questions you have about the topic in general.

Elements of an Effective Digital Strategy

An effective digital strategy is well researched and detailed. Every semester we grade digital strategies that don't understand the organization or target market and make broad, non-specific recommendations.

Five Tips to Delight Your Customers

Delighting customers is integral to the inbound methodology but is often over-looked. Customers can become free promoters and brand ambassadors when they are treated right. Here are 6 tips for truly delighting your customers:

  1. Personalize it: Give customers an opportunity to share information about themselves, maybe by filling out a form, and then use that information to enhance their experience! When you send out emails be sure to use the information you have to make them as personal as possible.

The Future of Media

The way in which people consume media is changing. In many ways, it's becoming more democratic. Fifteen years ago the only way you could get in front of peoples screens was if a major broadcasting company deemed you worth. Today, anyone with a smart phone can record and upload content to YouTube. Many stars have been discovered based on YouTube videos alone (for better or worse, Justin Bieber.) This shift has occurred on both sides of the spectrum. Television is no longer the only way to consume entertaining content. Soon, it will no longer be the most popular way.

Clickable ads coming to Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks around today – but for advertisers, it's always presented sort of a problem. So far, Instagram ads have been very limited. Only a few select companies could use them. And, the ads that appeared were almost solely designed to gin up awareness around a brand or product – but not to allow direct clicks/sales. 

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