Learning Through Observation

One of the best ways to learn a skill is through observation. While theory is valuable, you can pick up real world applications by watching professionals and dissecting what they do. This is as true for digital marketing as it is anything else. Luckily for you, you're exposed to digital marketing every day. It's probably such a common part of your life that you don't even notice it. This means learning from the digital marketing professionals is just a matter of paying attention. Think about what digital marketing techniques you've been exposed to today.

What Supporting Skills Should You Be Sharpening?

The web design community frequently discusses the need for a "T" shaped skill set. This refers to the idea that you have a broad base of skills (the top of the T) and a deep focus in a particular area (the stem of the T.) This is particularly important in web design because of the wide range of tasks a "web designer" might perform. For example, on a given day I might review proposals, meet with clients, document functionality, write code, design interactions or craft a brand identity.

On my Klout game!

All about Klout:

 This was my first time ever hearing about Klout and I have to say its pretty cool! So far my Klout score is 38, but said it will take a few days to update my score once I added all my networks! I like the whole concept of Klout and the idea of linking your networks to get a personal high score. It’s great because as you keep building your network, you can increase your score.

GEICO-Final Presentation

Please click here to see my final presentation

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Online radio advertising

Do you use Spotify? How about Pandora? 

The answer's probably yes... I think. I know I couldn't get by without Spotify.

More and more, online advertisers are looking at Spotify and Pandora -- often times in lieu of radio ads. In Detroit, Pandora would be one of the top five radio stations if it was on the air, and it's continuing to grow.

So, what are you wearing?

I began teaching this course in the summer of 2012, and despite it only being two years ago, the digital landscape was a very different place. When I began teaching, mobile was a growing trend. Now? It's a ubiquitous technology. In fact, when I asked students who had a smart phone only half the class would raise there hand. When I ask the same question now it's just about everyone. In the past two years we've had to add and remove lessons because once booming platforms lost their relevance (I'm looking at you Foursquare) I don't say these things because I'm surprised.

New strategy for a new age

Social Media Icons

Using Social Media to Keep the Spark Alive

Tasty Halloween Pinning

What's Your Take on Wearable Technology

These days mobile is the hot topic in marketing hot topic, but like all trends it won't be the biggest growth area forever. There is a lot of speculation about "the next big thing," and the front runner is wearable technology. It makes sense, as wearable technology is very simmilar to mobile... only smaller and more specialized. The popularity of mobile devices can largely be attributed to the increased connectivity and utility they provide. Wearable technology can provide even more connectivity and utility.

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