What's Your Take on Wearable Technology

These days mobile is the hot topic in marketing hot topic, but like all trends it won't be the biggest growth area forever. There is a lot of speculation about "the next big thing," and the front runner is wearable technology. It makes sense, as wearable technology is very simmilar to mobile... only smaller and more specialized. The popularity of mobile devices can largely be attributed to the increased connectivity and utility they provide. Wearable technology can provide even more connectivity and utility.

The Twitter IPO

Yesterday, Twitter -- the now ubiquitous social network -- filed its IPO to become a publicly-traded company. 

Assignment 2

The assigned chapters this week gave me a lot of good insight on blogging and connected me to numerous resources. I have always wanted to start a blog to in order to connect with other people who share my passions and showcase my writing, but I have lacked the motivation and discipline to keep it up. I hope this class will force me to overcome that and become a regular blogger.

A Digital Strategy For The New Era of Health Food Nuts

 Below are the accompanying notes to my digital strategy campaign presentation for Whole Foods Market

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Victoria's Secret: Final Digital Strategy Campaign

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I want my female audience to feel welcomed into Victoria’s Secret. It’s a personal and private matter of shopping, so my biggest goal is for my target audience to feel more comfortable.  To promote the company is to know the company and it’s cliental.

How Private Are Your Searches?

I'll admit I often consider those who worry about online privacy a little paranoid. My thought? If you're ashamed of what you're doing... maybe you should be do it. Regardless of my personal opinion, I do acknowledge there should be a reasonable expectation of privacy for online activities. There is a line, and it's somewhere well before cops showing up at your door because of something you Googled.

Emily Smith's Second Half Exam

            In order for this digital marketing campaign to be successful, it is imperative to conduct research on Virgin Atlantic’s clientele to determine the target audience of this campaign. An equal amount of men and women use this airline when traveling, however the most common age demographic of Virgin Atlantic fliers is above the age of 35, highly educated, and wealthy (has an average annual income over one-hundred thousand dollars).

Eat less oily food at State!

MSU, Stop The Construction!

While living in East Lansing for the summer, there has been nothing more frustrating than all of the construction around campus. It is impossible to get to one side of campus, to the other, without coming across some sort of construction project. For my PR site, I made a Facebook page about how Michigan State needs to cut down on the construction around campus. I named the PR page "MSU, STOP The Construction" and had a description asking Facebook users to like the page if they were in favor of the movement.

Content for watches?

Smart watches

If you follow tech news, you've probably seen stories about 2013 being the "year of the smart watch." 

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