Creating an AdWord Campaign for Patagonia

Company: Patagonia


The Organic Food Industry Meets Google AdWords

The company I selected to design a Google AdWords campaign for is Whole Foods Market.

Emily's Awesome Pinterest Contest Submission!

Choosing the Right Contest

Spring Essential Contest

Instagram adds video

Big news today in the social media world: Facebook announced it is adding video -- 15 second videos, to be exact -- to Instagram, the wildly popular social network previously for photos only.

Are You Currently Using The Browserless Web?

If you're like me, you use a web browser just about every day. The vehicle for my online experience since my first foray in 1995, web browsers have become an integral part of daily life. But the browser space has always been complex. You may remember the "browser wars" in the late 90's where Netscape fell to Microsoft's Internet Explorer. This leading to innovation stagnation and the poor quality Internet Explorer 6. Luckily, this all changed and now there are a lots of capable web browsers. What's more, they're all vying for your use. Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE, Safari, etc...

Some limitations of powerful social media

1. The new rules of marketing & PR

  • Yes, the media are still important (p. 85)

New Media, When Does Integration Go Too Far?

If you are like many savvy individuals, a few major companies make up a large portion of your "connected" life. You search on Google, check email on GMail and call people on your Android based phone. Your "virtual" socializing happens on Facebook, you purchase music through iTunes and download moves through AppleTV. All because the latest business trend isn't settling for domination of a particular market, but expansion through as many markets as possible.

A Holiday Inn Express Campaign: "Affordable Family Fun"

Target Market

One of the most important first steps in building a new digital strategy for a company is picking the correct target market. Holiday Inn Express’ target market aims traditional at men ages 35 to 54 business travelers and last minute booking (Holiday Inn Express Website). However, with the new target demographic for this task it changes the strategy. The target markets for this campagin are families and couples.

New media is changing the news media

Yesterday, the Pew Research Center (one of the most authoritative sources for good information about how the Internet is changing our society - check out and bookmark the Pew Internet & American Life Project if you haven't been there) released its annual "State of the News Media" report. The report had a number of important findings for people working in digital media or public relations, like: 

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