Send Dan Cleary to the Griffins

I’ve created a Facebook page “Send Dan Cleary to the Griffins” to raise support for sending Detroit Red Wings forward Dan Cleary to the minor league affiliate, the Grand Rapids Griffins.

Pin it to Win it!

Pinterest is often overlooked as simply a site to pass the time, not so. Pinterest holds tons of opportunities to learn and grow as a person or even a business. There are also plenty of different options to interact with companies via Pinterest contests or sweepstakes. Before this week I never knew there were Pinterest contests and now I will spend even MORE time consumed on Pinterest.

Let’s Get Pinning with Pinterest: A Beginners Guide to Entering Contests

Pinterest, the social media site for collecting and organizing things you like, is a great way to engage with your customers especially if your company has products to sell such as a fashion designer, retailer or furniture company, to name just a few.

PANTONE Color of the Year 2013 and Pinterest Contest

contest description[Memo] Pantone Inc. is a corporation known for its Pamtone Matching System (PMS), whihc is primarily used in painting. This year, Pantone held "Color of the year" contest with on Pinterest. The picture on the left is a description of the contest rules.

Will Vine Grow Into a Thriving Social Media Property?

Take a moment to check out Vine, the new social network from Twitter. Then, take a look at what the media is saying about it. Simply put, Vine is Instagram with video. Users can record five second, looping videos and post them online.

Success and Failure: To Be or Not to Be

To take a risk or not? That was the question. In the beginning.

What to blog about was really the question. And after reading and reading, I had decided to write a blog that would include all the information I needed for a whoopee final project -- writing a communications plan for my office.

I attended a seminar. I made notes. I created a folder, Printed documents and hinted about a wonderful project to my boss.

Welcome to The Social Media Revolution

Erik Qualman Quote

Planning an event with Social Media

Event and program planning is one of the most exciting aspects in public relations. I’m always interested in knowing the techniques behind launching successful events with large turnouts. Being involved with campus organizations have provided me a lot of opportunity to experiment with event planning but more often than not, my audience is minimal compared to my expectations and competing organizations.

Starbucks Social Media Campaign Launch

 Starbucks store

  Slide 1: My name is Lydia Pavach, and I created a media strategy for Starbucks.

New: Pinterest for Business

PinterestThis is the first year the NMDL course featured a week on Pinterest – which was perfectly timed with the company's rollout of Pinterest for Business on Tuesday.

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