How Social Media is Changing Brand Building

You think buildign a brand requires multi-mllion $$ budgets, flashy TV ads and good looking celebrity endorsements?.  Can you build a brand on FB, Twitter, and other social media platforms?

What is a Brand Equity after all?  

Is it just the "Brand Perception" (how you perceive certain brand or a company), just the "Brand Experience" (how you and your friends have experienced the brand) or a combination of both?


Social Media: How to Develop Content to That Earns Attention

One of my favorite resources in the reading for this past week was in chapter one of The New Media Driver's License Resource Guide; Social Media Resource 1-7: What Old McDonald Can Teach You About Social Media.  This resource gives some good advice on how to earn attention in a world that is ever-increasingly plagued with clutter; the article notes that the average American is exposed to (on average) 4,000 constructed messages each day.  As instructor

Social Media Expansion!

Intrigued even more after our first class seminar in Novi, I decided to dig deeper into all the possible social networking sites available. Previous to this course, my social media footprint consisted of a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and a somewhat completed LinkedIn page.

Build Your Profiles (Chris Tatti)

Social Media and Me


Something that I have always wondered about social media is what the best site for businesses to use is.  While reading the New Media Driver’s License Resource Guide I came across something that deals directly with this.  On page 11 Social Media Resource 1-14 there is a link to a study comparing Facebook and Twitter on their business application.

What is the true meaning of "Social Media" in this century?

Social Media

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What Will You Do to "Make A Better Internet?"

My first foray on the Internet happened in 1995. My connection was fueled by a phone line, download speeds were slower than a 1G connection and there were no graphics-- only text. Throughout most of my life the internet has been regarded as "new," but we no longer can honestly describe it as such. The Internet has been around for decades, it's hardly "new."

How Are You Going to Brand Yourself?

With the persistant struggling economy and increasing number of qualified candidates it's becoming increasingly difficult to land a great job. From my own experience, posting job openings can result in a flood of hundreds of qualified applications with little differentiating one to the next. 

Zoom Zoom College


In the following assignment I will sum up what kind of digital marketing strategy I have created for my selected brand Mazda, and I will give the reasons for my decisions. I will also show a digital marketing budget, a way of execution, frequency, negative feedback response plan and the Big Idea. The idea itself is to have a new marketing campaign, which would integrate digital media. For the purposes of this class, I will only go into detail about the digital strategy part of the campaign.

TOMS Shoes and Eyewear: Taking Our Success to the Next Level

Toms Shoes

Slide 1- Objectives

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