Success and Failure: To Be or Not to Be

To take a risk or not? That was the question. In the beginning.

What to blog about was really the question. And after reading and reading, I had decided to write a blog that would include all the information I needed for a whoopee final project -- writing a communications plan for my office.

I attended a seminar. I made notes. I created a folder, Printed documents and hinted about a wonderful project to my boss.

Welcome to The Social Media Revolution

Erik Qualman Quote

Planning an event with Social Media

Event and program planning is one of the most exciting aspects in public relations. I’m always interested in knowing the techniques behind launching successful events with large turnouts. Being involved with campus organizations have provided me a lot of opportunity to experiment with event planning but more often than not, my audience is minimal compared to my expectations and competing organizations.

Starbucks Social Media Campaign Launch

 Starbucks store

  Slide 1: My name is Lydia Pavach, and I created a media strategy for Starbucks.

New: Pinterest for Business

PinterestThis is the first year the NMDL course featured a week on Pinterest – which was perfectly timed with the company's rollout of Pinterest for Business on Tuesday.

Alfred Hitchcock Meets Lady Gaga on Instagram

Instagram is sweeping the nation. It even seems more popular for young up and comers than
Twitter. Everyone seems to have an Instragram.

Artists like Lady Gaga have their instragam photos online at Web.stagram for easy viewing and sharing. Gaga rocks. Click her photo to see what I'm talking about. Do you have a Web.stagram?

Gaga Instagram Photo

Win a Trip to LEGOLAND: How Pinterest Can Make My Dreams Come True, and Get Some Inexpensive, Word-of-Mouth Marketing

The contest I chose to enter on Pinterest for this week's assignment was the "Build It to Win It Dream Adventure Contest".  which is a contest being held by LEGOLAND, Florida, and offers a grand prize package, and two first prize winners, all of which would include tickets and passes of some sort to the theme/water park.  I found out about this contest by doing a search on Google, and employing some of the techniques t

Social media and the 2012 elections

Two weeks from today, voters across the country will go to the polls to cast their ballots for president (along with a host of other candidates and ballot issues). No other election has seen such heavy use of social media for candidates and campaigns to communicate with voters - for good reason.

Social media has become an essential tool for any modern political campaign, because voters use social media to both learn about candidates and causes and to recruit friends to join campaigns or learn more about issues. 

Promote Your Blog (Chris Tatti)

After going through the suggested readings in “The New Rules of Marketing & PR” the topic of “Blogging Basics” grabbed my attention. I started reading about better ways to engage my audience, share my blog and attract new readers. I followed some of those guidelines by having readers be able to share my articles with others on sites such as twitter, facebook, pintrest to name a few, using the “like”, “share”, and “tweet about” features. I also sent some of my blog posts into and to try and acquire inbound links.

How Social Media is Changing Brand Building

You think buildign a brand requires multi-mllion $$ budgets, flashy TV ads and good looking celebrity endorsements?.  Can you build a brand on FB, Twitter, and other social media platforms?

What is a Brand Equity after all?  

Is it just the "Brand Perception" (how you perceive certain brand or a company), just the "Brand Experience" (how you and your friends have experienced the brand) or a combination of both?


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