You Are What You Publish

Chapter 10 in David Meerman Scott's New Rules is all about what you publish. This is a critical part of the marketing and public relations process. This could arguably the most important step it combines what you have done previously and gets your message out to your buyer. You are what you publish is truly a fitting name for the chapter title because what you publish about your organization is what your customers will think of you. These are the 5 key things that I believe are most important to remember when publishing about your company.

MSU 2010 - It was a very good year

Michigan State University Spartans enjoyed a wonderful 2010. And not just the students lucky enough to have a New Media Drivers License. I'm talking about the entire Spartan Nation!

The 2010 MSU Presidential report from Lou Anna K. Simon, PhD is a breathtaking look back at this fabulous year. Kudos to the MSU marketing department and television production crew (including leadership from Heather Swain and Jim Peck) for putting this together!

Top 5 Points of Social Media Marketing & PR

Top 5 Points of Social Media Marketing & PR: You are What You Publish

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Reading Notes: You are what you publish: Building your marketing and PR plan

1, The most important thing to remember as you develop a marketing and PR plan is to put your products and services to the side for just a little while and focus your complete attention on the buyers of your products (or those who will donate, subscribe, join, or apply).

Marketing Strategy Outline (Weber's Inn)

Slide 1: The Overview

-          The Market of Hotels and Resorts in USA.

-          The Local Market of Hotels in Michigan

Slide 2: Introduction of Weber’s Inn

I am what I publish

Bad Ads

How far advertising has come... These would never been seen today

Public Relations and Social Media

This article discusses the future of public relations in relation to social media. 

Pubic Relations in the New Media World

Why it's important to use social media in order to keep up in the PR world.

Meet the 'New' Motor City

Abrief article about GM's current marketing efforts and the man behind the change.

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