E-Mail or Email?

AP stylebook changes "e-mail" to "email", a little English lesson in case you missed it.


Adwords Proposal for East Lansing Film Festival

Perfect PR Pitches

Examples of good and bad PR pitches and tips on improving your pitch.

20 PR experts to follow on Quora

Quora, a question and answer forum, provides advice from experts about many different topics. Listed here are 20 PR experts worth following.

It’s Not TV, It’s Social TV [VIDEO]

There was a discussion to talk about social media being on TV> They would like to incorporate social media into big TV shows and make it more known and used more. Learn more by checking out the video. I think it is going to be an awesome thing that will be started.

Elevate Your Pitch

A few interesting tips on how to really sell yourself or even the company you make work for in the future.

Social Media Marketing Mistakes

5 Social Media Marketing No-Nos tell you what shouldn’t do in social media marketing.

Many Advertisers Ditch 'Skins'

Many major advertisers that hopped on MTV's 'Skins' bandwagon have pulled out of their contracts because of the extremely racy storyline and the less than popular reviews on the show.

Bring Back the Comics

Many people complained this years Oscar hosts as being inadequate and they were accused of being picked only because they were "young" and "hip" actors.

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