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Virgin Airlines Heads to the Top [exam 2]


To begin spreading the word of Virgin Airlines brand new expanded fleet the first thing we would do is set up various social media platforms. Obviously Facebook and Twitter would come first as they are the two most prominent. Virgin Airlines Facebook page would be updated to include the various aspects of their new line and would offer some type of incentive to the user who liked their page and was thinking of flying somewhere.

Ms. JK Rowling, you have had quite the success.


Dear JK,

Please do not forget that I do not want a lawsuit. I am only joking, think of it as a parody. Let's face it, even you know that Harry Potter is 12.29x better than Twilight.

Most Sincerely,

Eat less oily food at State!

Lowering The Cost Of Living In East Lansing

The cost of living in East Lansing is becoming more and more expensive each and every year.  This is extremely frustrating for a college student who is already pilling up debt from tuition and books each year.  It is getting to the point where were paying more for a month then my parents are at their place.  The landlords can drive up the price because there is one major company who owns 80 percent of the housing and apartments around the city.  It is easy for them to control the market without any real competition. 


MSU, Stop The Construction!

While living in East Lansing for the summer, there has been nothing more frustrating than all of the construction around campus. It is impossible to get to one side of campus, to the other, without coming across some sort of construction project. For my PR site, I made a Facebook page about how Michigan State needs to cut down on the construction around campus. I named the PR page "MSU, STOP The Construction" and had a description asking Facebook users to like the page if they were in favor of the movement.

Strays In Detroit. A Modern Day Epidemic.


How to React as a Representative for a Cause or Company

As a public relations representative for a company or organization, you never know what you might have to say on behalf of the company. In celebrating accolades, you need to thank your supporters for their help in allowing the company to grow and make products that people can enjoy. In times of crisis or negative publicity, you need to assure your market that you will bounce back better than ever and improve your standards to prevent future mistakes that can put reputation in jeopardy.

The Power of Social Media and PR

As stated in resource 3-35 “Enhance Your Facebook Fan Page with 11 Quick Tips,” “Facebook is a platform that’s proven to be effective for building community online” (Social Media Today). Therefore, when faced with the assignment of creating a page for a cause I knew that Facebook would be the best medium to utilize. For this weeks assignment I decided to establish a cause that educates dirt road drivers about the dangers of not slowing down for runners.

Energize Detroit's Intriguing Facebook Campaign!

My Cause

Opportunity Detroit is a group founded by online mortgage lending company, Quicken Loans that promotes the growing opportunity and positive changes taking place in downtown Detroit. They’re creating a movement to restore the contagious energy that was once found in Detroit several decades ago. Opportunity Detroit inspired my fictitious cause, Energize Detroit.


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