Michigan Needs More Bike Lanes Facebook Page

I initially struggled with a cause of issue that was not only original but worth promoting through my personal Facebook page. Brainstorming seemed to get me nowhere until I realized a recent issue that I had come across. My fiance and I recently purchased bikes in hopes of not only having a more active alternative to walking but also to travel more throughout my Lansing neighborhood. In some areas we have encountered it is less then safe to say the least. This is primarily due to a lack of bike lanes in some areas. We have noticed this on other main, paved roads in Michigan.

More Roundabouts for the State of Michigan

Spread the Word

In order to raise awareness of our cause we will have to invest in different means of communication. The first thing we will do is purchase ad space on Facebook itself so individuals who have shown interest in our cause will be given the option to like our page.

New media is changing the news media

Yesterday, the Pew Research Center (one of the most authoritative sources for good information about how the Internet is changing our society - check out and bookmark the Pew Internet & American Life Project if you haven't been there) released its annual "State of the News Media" report. The report had a number of important findings for people working in digital media or public relations, like: 

New Lions Digital Strategy Set to Increase Brand Awareness

The Detroit Lion’s brand holds a special place in the sporting world today. Ever since being introduced to the NFL in 1934, business owners have made it a priority to continually represent the Detroit Lions franchise in a successful manner. However, during recent years we’ve realized that both ticket and merchandising sales have decreased at a steady rate.

We Want to See YOU at the Palace

Let's Do This!


MSU Needs More Bike Lanes

I decided to create a Facebook page on the need for more bike lanes across the Michigan State campus. Being a bike commuter, I find it ever so frustrating when there is no room for me to cruise on the side walk to class and there is no bike lane as an alternative space, even more so I exasperated when the bike lane I am using comes to an end and I am just stranded in the middle of a road.



Eight years ago when I moved, I received a great deal from my Internet service provider. Because of the move, was considered a new customer so I paid something like $14.95 a month.

MSU Seniors Deserve Their Own Parking Lot

Keep Calm. Log Off. And Go Outside.

For this assignment I created a Facebook page that encourages younger generations to put down their electronics and go play outside—similar to the way some people encourage teenagers to increase face to face interactions and decrease the time they spend online.

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