Feel Fit for Free!

I think most MSU students would be for working out on campus for free, since it is really expensive to buy a gym or fitness membership as a student and we students have many other expenses they have to pay for like school, books and housing. For those who post positive comments I will defiantly respond, saying thank you for their support!

Love for Lansing's Pit Bulls Facebook page

Riley I created the Facebook page Love for Lansing’s Pit Bulls. The page is a way for Lansing locals to connect with each other and organizations to help put an end to dog fighting in our area and the rest of the country.

Parking in East Lansing is Stressful

Digital PR for "Spartans for Free Gym Passes"

Why are there Potato Chips in my Bag of Air?!

I had trouble thinking of an issue that I really wanted to promote this week.  So naturally I thought of something that irritated me (there’s a lot of things… yikes!) and went from there.  It always bothers me when I buy potato chips and there are literally five chips and a bunch of air! I did not pay for a bag of air, I want my chips! So the Facebook page I created was pretty satirical… Why are there Potato Chips in my bag of Air?

Pin It to Win It!

For this week’s assignment I chose one of the Pinterest contests sponsored by LG and hosted by Mashable.com. The prize for the contest was one of three products they were promoting, the 47” LG Google TV, the LG Optimus G Smartphone, and LG Touch10 Monitor.

Blogging: How to benefit your Business

At the start of this class I had never posted a blog in my life. I did not really understand what blogging was and I did not know that it could help business succeed. My understanding of blogs was that a blog is something a single person will post when they want to talk about a topic that had to do with their life. I thought it was an open online diary that everyone could look at and comment on.

Creating a Facebook Page for a Cause

My Cause

For this week’s assignment, I created a Facebook page called “Help Raise Elephant Awareness”.

Building Virtual Support for a Big Cause

 Books-the finest educators of the past present and future.   Since I don’t have a personal Facbeook account that I use, I asked my mother if I could use her account to cerate a page promoting a cause to the online community.  Since she agreed, I decided to create a Facebook page on a cause that was equally important to her as it was to me.

Facebook Public Relations - A Page Devoted to Voting


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