SEO: Optimization of My Customer Service Blog

For this week's focus on search engine optimization, as per the assignment I chose five keywords that I wanted my blog to be associated with, and did my best to optimize for them.  The five keyword phrases I chose were customer service, buisness to consumer relationships, interaction, public relations, and brand loyalty.  I not only added relevant tags to all of my previous blog posts, but also added internal links on my latest post, redirecting readers to related posts also found on my blog, as

Increase Your Facebook Fans!

            Working for Michigan State’s University Activities Board is one of the best opportunities I’ve had since becoming a Spartan. However, creating late night and weekend events for the student body can be daunting, but not as challenging as reaching them. Our target market is all around us, but marketing to one of the nation’s largest campuses is no easy task.

TOMS Shoes: Putting Our Best Foot Forward

Toms shoes


Our Audience

Whole Foods 365 Days a Year!

Whole Foods Market started in 1980 in Austin Texas; today they have over 300 stores in the United States and the United Kingdom; including a new store opening in Midtown Detroit in 2013. Their goal is to provide quality natural and organic products from local suppliers and others known for producing the best and most natural ingredients.

Finding the News, How Has New Media Effected Journalism?

This past week I had the opportunity to consult with a national news publication. Their problem is all too familiar. Like most traditional publications worldwide, their subscription base is dwindling and advertisers are unwilling to put money into print advertising. They have a website but it doesn't generate enough money to support their business.

Pull it all together: Know your buyers and create content for them

Search engine optimizationIn the final section of The New Rules of Marketing and PR—and throughout the rest of the book—David Meerman Scott reminds marketers that knowing their buyers and creating content specifically for them is crucial in today’s age of digital marketing and PR. Whether it’s maintaining a blog or writing press releases, mar

Reach Buyers Directly With Useful News Releases

 5 Most Important Concepts about News Releases

Helpful hints from good 'ol David Meerman Scott in his book:The New Rules of Marketing & PR

Power of News Releases: Reaching Buyers Directly and Accurately

Before the Internet came along, businesses used press releases as their main line of communication to the public. Special events, buy-outs, charity sponsorships, and anything else that seemed important to share at the time was released. These news reports drove the market before internet. Today, it is much different and a few key points from the book, The New Rules of Marketing and PR, should help anyone ease into the new rules of Press Releases!


Brand Monitoring: Bloomingdales

The tools I used: To monitor the Bloomingdale’s brand I used Hootsuite and Google Alerts.

The keywords I chose: For both Hootsuite and Google Alerts I used the keyword “Bloomingdales.” I also monitored their twitter account, @Bloomingdales

What were the results of my monitoring?

Monitoring the Trader Joe's Brand

Trader Joe's Customers

While Trader Joe's has wonderful word-of-mouth advertising, it is important to see what people are saying on the web. I have monitored the company on HootSuite and Google Alerts for a couple of days and here are my results. 

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