Keyword Tracking of Brands

Brand monitoring is a full time job. Tracking #hashtags and following Google alerts, and tracking sentiment on Facebook is big business. When I think of monitoring brands it seems easier to monitor big brands like Pepsi or IBM. But how do you monitor small mom and pop businesses? There simply aren't people tweeting at a high rate about Jerry's Sub Shop in Alpena Michigan.

New Rules of Marketing and PR: Word of Blog

In Chapter 5 of The New Rules of Marketing and PR

Five Key Points Chapters 1-3 of The New Rules of Marketing and PR

Key Points: New Rules of Marketing & PR

communication, e-commerce, flow chart, building website, internet, marketing, business, new media, public relationsIn The New Rules of Marketing & PR, David Meerman Scott discusses how the Web has changed the rules of marketing and public relations. Here are the five (5) key points of the first three chapters:

Britney Spears Joins Tumblr

This talks about how Britney Spears has joined tumblr as a means to be her own publicist. This is presumed to be done to help promote her latest album "Femme Fetale." the article goes on to discuss more celebs who have used tumblr. 

New York Times Pay wall

Check out this article to find out if the newly instated the New York Times Pay wall has had an effect on its traffic and/or revenue?

Pamper's "Pay It Forward" Campaign

For its 50th Anniversary, Pampers Diapers have created an amazing campaign all about life's little "miracles"

People Magazine

People Magazine is a weekly magazine read by nearly 46 million people.

Their online presence includes Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, Mobile Apps and Ipad Apps. People does a great job of reaching their readers outside of their weekly publications.

Future leaders need more than digital PR

Thanks to NMDL course, we now have general knowledge about social & digital media. However, the article sounds like we need to develop much more talents and abilities to possess own business.

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