Six Presentation Tips From Steve Jobs

We all need to learn about presentation zen for our final project. Here are six tips to help get us started!

Miracle Whip Sucks Ad

Best Week Ever.  We've all seen the commercials, Miracle Whip is now embrasing it's flaws in advertising that a lot of people hate it.

New Rules for PR

This article discusses how PR has changed in the past few years. 

The Future of PR and Social Media

Gives insight on the future of PR and Social Media. The pros of the biz give you an opinion on where things are headed.  

Journalist and New Media

Here is an article about how journalists use new media more than pr pros think!  It includes percentages etc.

Facebook: Friend, For, or Frenemy?

The article goes in depth about Facebook's lack of public relations efforts. Most current Facebook PR issus stem from Facebook privacy policies.

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