Developing an SEO Strategy

Learn the basic principles before you get started with SEO. This requires careful thought in order to best market your business. Learn why you should optimize along with the phenomenon of link popularity and what type of content your page should provide.

Official Google AdWords Page

This is the official Google AdWords Page. It explains how it works and also gives examples of good key words and the estimated cost. I have used this page in my other advertising classes to help plan out mock campaigns.

Search Engine Guide

Check out this online public library for search engine marketing resources!!

The 3 Laws of PPC Success

Three laws to abide by for any PPC campaign.

Pay Per Click 101

This is a video resource that explains pay per click advertising on Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft. Check it out to help master your SEM PPC ad campaigns!

11 Google AdWord Tips

learn how to become a master of Google Adwords with these 11 tips. They will help ensure a successful campaign that will promise to yield results.

Google AdWords Marketing Tutorial: For Beginners

Learn how to work wonders with Google Adwords and increase your click-through/conversion rates today. Make your page more visible/accessible to your exact target audience.

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