Top 5 search engine marketing podcasts

Get updated on the search engine scene in your car or working out! Here are the five best search engine marketing podcasts.

The East Lansing Film Festival AdWords Strategy

The Future of Social Search

How social search is being integrated into Google and Bing's algorithms changing how marketers may see SEO. 

The Future of Social Search

Are social networks (or information networks) the new search engine? How is search changing?

The Only Good Viral Infection

The only thing better than seeing a funny viral video on YouTube is actually bing in the video. If you were in a viral video like the one that David Meerman Scott talks about with the 200 liters of Diet Coke and 500 Mentos then you'd be pretty happy if you were either of those companys. Some four million people viewed the video and then it went to major news stations and everyone was blogging about it.

All that attention brings me to my first point about,  

Google's Paid Search Clicks for Elite SEM

This article talks about how Google now allows headlines and AdWords to be on the same line, making search results have a much higher click-through rate.

Social Media Business Blog provides consulting, creates social media strategies and runs campaigns for major brands and mid-size companies. This is a great blog to follow for the benefit of your business.

Social Media News

Here's a great way to stay updated on the latest and greatest in Social Media and Social Media Marketing Strategies. You never want to fall behind!

Innovative Tips for Social Marketing

Should you find yourself in a social media marketing rut, I think you can take inspiration from these five innovative and fresh ideas currently making their mark on both the online and offline worlds.

Highly Effective Social Media

Some advice on other ways to make your social media marketing strategy the best it can be.

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