A Presentation of the Search Engine Optimized Blog Site - ADHD, Just Like Me

YOAST WORDPRESS SEO PLUGIN. In order to optimize this blog site I used the Yoast SEO plugin for the blog site's WordPress platform. I began in the "Dashboard" for the SEO plug-in. Under the "Tracking' category I checked the box, in order to allow WordPress to keep tabs on the goings-on of the plugin. This will help the plugin run more efficiently.

The Key to SEO

 Search Engine Optimization 

The importance of keywords and phrases

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) incorporated by making use of keywords and phrases within the content one is publishing on a blog, became more important in recent time

Opting to Optimize

How I Optimized My Blog


Gimme an "S". Gimme an "E". Gimme an "O".

When I began this assignment the text, Google This, directed me to the YouTube video, The Basics of Search Engine Optimization by NextLevelProfits.com. In a sense, Google This did something similar to what our assignment is. It directed me to find this video to learn more about SEO. One of my classmates and I wrote guest blogs for each other’s blogs where we were encouraging their readers to read our blogs.

3 Ways to get Traffic to Your Blog: SEO Optimization

How to get Optimized

There are many ways that you can gain more traffic to your blog, to make it become the popular place to be. Here I am going to share with you 3 of the ways that I have recently learned how to Optimize my blog post site Sports Insider and the ways that I went about doing so.

SEO Can Make Or Break Your Blog

Optimizing Nightmare

To Start...

Well this assignment was much harder than I was expected. After three hours of researching and reading, I think I finally got the hang of optimizing my blog. I didnt know what SEO even meant before this class. I decided to start by watching "The Basics of Search Engine Optimization" by NextLevelProfits (pg 210 Mehraban). This gave me some general knowlegde that I was able to use to start processing the concept of SEO.

Freeway to my Blog Post!

SEOAs a layman to SEO, my first questions were what is SEO, how does it work and what am I supposed to do. So in order to answer these questions I read and tried understanding as much as I could.

Optimizing My Detroit Red Wings Blog

Over the last two weeks I have gone from no blogging experience, to making my very own blog, to learning how to optimize my blog to become more popular on google searches. By writing about something that is very passionate to me, I have found blogging to be quite easy and fun. It is easy to speak your mind about things that interest you when you run your own blog. I had to use different key words to make sure I would be easily searchable to someone using google.

Increasing Your Outreach through SEO

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