Links Make the Web Go Around

Website links probably feel so mundane you hardly think about them. Over time technology can become so ingrained in our daily life we rarely stop to think about its impact. Consider the modern combustion engine in cars. Most days I don't even acknowledge it's existence as I drive from my home to the office. When I stop to think about it, I'm reminded of just how incredible it is. Here we have a machine that creates tens of thousands of controlled explosions every minute allowing us to travel at incredible speeds. Soon, these machines will all be driving themselves.

A Clean-Cut Website Leads to Sparkling Sales

Unlocking the Key to a Successful Web Presence

Business Objectives & KPI’s:



Brand: Urban Outfitters


Business Objectives & KPIs:

HBO on the Go-Go

Responsive Design

            The first thing that is quite notable on the HBO mobile website (not actually a separate mobile website) is the responsiveness to size. Adjusting from its regular wide screen format to fit my tiny iPhone 6 screen the blog posts are easily readable with blurbs to help viewers click which link they want.

Kohl's: Inbound Marketing Savvy

What is Inbound Marketing?

A Presentation of the Search Engine Optimized Blog Site - ADHD, Just Like Me

YOAST WORDPRESS SEO PLUGIN. In order to optimize this blog site I used the Yoast SEO plugin for the blog site's WordPress platform. I began in the "Dashboard" for the SEO plug-in. Under the "Tracking' category I checked the box, in order to allow WordPress to keep tabs on the goings-on of the plugin. This will help the plugin run more efficiently.

The Key to SEO

 Search Engine Optimization 

The importance of keywords and phrases

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) incorporated by making use of keywords and phrases within the content one is publishing on a blog, became more important in recent time

Opting to Optimize

How I Optimized My Blog


Gimme an "S". Gimme an "E". Gimme an "O".

When I began this assignment the text, Google This, directed me to the YouTube video, The Basics of Search Engine Optimization by In a sense, Google This did something similar to what our assignment is. It directed me to find this video to learn more about SEO. One of my classmates and I wrote guest blogs for each other’s blogs where we were encouraging their readers to read our blogs.

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