The Fun Easy Way to Pin for Businesses

McCain All Good Pinathon

A Pinteresting Approach at Promotion

With social bookmarking being an influential tool in helping businesses connect and interact with their markets, Pinterest has become so much more than just a website centered around people "pinning" their interests to boards that they create. Businesses can use Pinterest in a variety of ways. They can use the website to introduce new products and concepts, pinning different images of the product to the product's board.

I'm Really Not Complaining OR What I pinned to win

There ought to be a disclaimer on this post: My email had carried a Pinterest contest advisory in early January. It was all about textiles. And when the assignment showed up...I thought I'm gonna love this homework and I'm going to win a new Bernina sewing machine (now I have a Viking which I like a lot, but no sewer worth their salt would not have two!

Who knew the homework would call for so many adventures?

Happily Pinning for Contest

After searching Google for Pinterest contests in February of 2013 I finally found one that was current and worth doing! The contest was held by and focused on creating a pin board full of gift ideas and romantic things for Valentines Day. Not only was there a $500 shopping spree prize for the winner but if my boyfriend sees this board I can only hope he will take a hint at some great gift ideas! 

See what happens when you say never! Maybe

I will not do it! I will not do it! One of my least favorite things to do has descended on me, and I will not do it! Ok, maybe if I can find one resource that is reasonably non intrusive and not game-based (sorry but Scvngr is out). Maybe I'll just let this be the assignment I miss, but I'm too much of an over-achiever to do that so......

Sharing Buttons, Useful Tool or Unnecissary Sleeze?

Sharing buttons— the small graphical icons that make sharing content over social networks and e-mail as easy as one click. Almost like a virus, these buttons have infected an exponentially increasing amount of websites over the past few years. Between the sheer number of social networks and the "more is better" approach, many websites are literally stuffed full of these not so subtle marketing ploys. Until now, most designers (including myself) assumed that including them would naturally lead to more sharing of content.

How to Create a Social Media Scrapbook

Social media is like creating a history of your life. Memolane enables you to create a graphic online album of all your postings on a timeline.

Best Retail Brands 2011

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