Social Media: A Fad That's Stinkin Around

The importance of social media campaigns./ Facebook- "Everyone's Friend"

Becoming a Confident Social Media Rookie

Facebook Fan Page Tips

Facebook is a website I feel extremely comfortable navigating, but only for my personal page.  Recently I have become a campus representative for an iOS and Android app, and part of my duty is to increase our likes on Facebook.  I read the “Enhance your Facebook Fan Page with 11 Quick T

Grasping Social Media: How To Break The Giant Into Manageable Pieces

I was intrigued by what I would find when “Google This: The New Media Driver’s License” by Richard T. Cole and Derek Mehraban challenged me to search What President Obama Can Teach You About Social Media. (Page 7) After finding and reading the link I found it interesting that the same basic social media principles are applicable to multiple industries and interest groups.

The Future of Klout in Doubt?

As you know Michal Lorenc has challenged you all to raise your Klout score. It's a good way to engage in this class, and get a free lunch and tour at Google. How cool is that?

Klout Score 100

Social media marketing and current events

During the Super Bowl this year, the Superdome in New Orleans lost power.

The digital marketers working for Nabisco's Oreo brand leveraged this to their advantage – producing one of the most talked-about "advertisements" at the Super Bowl, without spending a dime on TV ads:

Virgin Airlines: The Largest Airline Fleet Digital Marketing Strategy

Virgin Airlines Digital Marketing Strategy


Goal: Become largest airline by doubling our fleet of planes, increasing brand awareness amongst customers, implement new digital marketing techniques. Fill our new fleets seats within 6 months.


Target Audience: Vacationers, Business travelers, and General Frequent flyers.


Exam 2! Virgin Airlines!!

           I was assigned the Virgin Airlines example. To help fill the planes I would start by creating social media pages. I would create a Twitter for the younger generations and update it with the deals that the airline would be offering. I would show the prices to the lowest airline tickets and the prices would hopefully catch peoples attention and bring them into our website. A lot of the time airline tickets are cheaper then what people think so once they see the low price it might urge them to plan a trip and book a flight.

YouTube: How to get people to watch your video

Chances are, you've probably watched an online video today.

Or two. Or three. Or ten. You're not alone. According to YouTube, its viewers watch over 6 billion hours of video each month - on just YouTube alone! 

You might have even made your own online videos. Most computers today come with some sort of video editing software (iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, etc), and it's even possible to edit videos on cell phones (which shoot pretty good video - HD quality, in some cases).

Strays In Detroit. A Modern Day Epidemic.


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