YouTube: How to get people to watch your video

Chances are, you've probably watched an online video today.

Or two. Or three. Or ten. You're not alone. According to YouTube, its viewers watch over 6 billion hours of video each month - on just YouTube alone! 

You might have even made your own online videos. Most computers today come with some sort of video editing software (iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, etc), and it's even possible to edit videos on cell phones (which shoot pretty good video - HD quality, in some cases).

Strays In Detroit. A Modern Day Epidemic.


Why tips may not always be enough to support those in service industry

The cause of issue that I chose to address was the low wage given to waitresses and bartenders before tips. Many believe that they don’t necessarily deserve to have a higher minimum wage, or need one, but there are many issues that can arise from this low sum of money.


Response to positive comments:

Free Parking on MSU Campus

msuparkingParking rates on Michigan State's campus are absolutely ridiculous and that is why I chose for my cause to be on making spots available for students on campus.

Pure Michigan Construction

Too much construction in Michigan!!

    While creating a facebook page for a specific cause, I thought about issues that I deal with daily.  Summer is a time of relaxing and fun for some but others have work and summer classes.  On my way to most of my activities throughout the summer, I find myself sittin

The Power of Social Media and PR

As stated in resource 3-35 “Enhance Your Facebook Fan Page with 11 Quick Tips,” “Facebook is a platform that’s proven to be effective for building community online” (Social Media Today). Therefore, when faced with the assignment of creating a page for a cause I knew that Facebook would be the best medium to utilize. For this weeks assignment I decided to establish a cause that educates dirt road drivers about the dangers of not slowing down for runners.

Instagram adds video

Big news today in the social media world: Facebook announced it is adding video -- 15 second videos, to be exact -- to Instagram, the wildly popular social network previously for photos only.

Driving directions and digital marketing?

Foursquare Starbucks ad56 percents of U.S. adults have a smartphone, according to a new survey released yesterday. Since so many people are carrying these devices -- most of which have GPS location tracking -- more and more apps and social networks are taking advantage of location services to provide information to you based on where you are.

Instagram and Vine

We live in a time of great innovation in the online/technology world - which makes it fun (and challenging) for digital media practitioners to keep up with the latest and greatest social networks.

Social Media Is Changing Our Lives

The various articles I read made me realize one thing; social media is changing our lives.  Whether it be watching YouTube on your television through your gaming device or checking your Facebook on your smartphone, we are more globally connected today than we ever have been.

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