Some limitations of powerful social media

1. The new rules of marketing & PR

  • Yes, the media are still important (p. 85)

Effective New Ways to Increase Your Presence on Social Media

Top 5 Enterprises Using Social Media

Incorporating Social Media Into My Life Starting NOW

First off, I'm not entirely social media illiterate but I definitely wouldn't qualify as being a social media guru to anyone who is the least bit tech savvy. To give some insight as to why my most current endeavours are in dire need of some "social sugar-coating," I am currently the public relations/events coordination intern for MSU's College of Communication Arts & Sciences and WKAR. Yes, it's a mouthful to say the least. Basically I'm helping to handle most of the public relations functions of the College as well as assisting in the planning and execution of events.

Social Media: Exposing Users by a Click of a Button

 In today’s society, job interviews, advertisements, and even dating have a whole new meaning. Instead of a firm handshake to a potential employer, an announcement in the paper, or a simple sit down dinner, social media has allowed every single one of these traditional tactics to be disregarded by just a click of a button. The Internet has allowed civilization to expose each other one by one by just typing in a name. Some believe this to be beneficial, while others may argue it’s a violation of privacy. That’s for you to decide.

Holday Inn Bahamas Campaign

  Digital Campaign Keywords Holiday Inn Express

New Lions Digital Strategy Set to Increase Brand Awareness

The Detroit Lion’s brand holds a special place in the sporting world today. Ever since being introduced to the NFL in 1934, business owners have made it a priority to continually represent the Detroit Lions franchise in a successful manner. However, during recent years we’ve realized that both ticket and merchandising sales have decreased at a steady rate.

Digital Strategy for New York Yankees

Target Audience:

Joe’s Crab Shack : Digital Marketing Strategy

Joe’s Crab Shack : Digital Marketing Strategy


PepsiCo Smile Digital Campaign

A Smiling Target Audience

Holesom Longboards

Holesom Longboards is a business located in Laguna Beach, CA. It is a new business that began in 2008. I think Holesom has potential but their website and overall media strategy could be refreshed and more rich in content.

Target Audience:

Age: 17-24 year olds.
Gender: Males & females

Region: Laguna Beach, California

Personality: A person who is outgoing, energetic and likes to be outside. They live life lightheartedly and with a carefree attitude.

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