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Question: My question for this week is I know that companies when recruiting will use LinkedIn as a primary source for looking up candidates. As an advertising or marketing major, will companies looking for that skill set in this day in age look at other social media profiles such as Twitter and Instagram to see the posting styles of these candidates?

Social Media Marketing for ADV 420

Question 1: How important do you believe social media is for a successful brand?

I think Social is very important. It's the heartbeat of a brand, and it's important to show that you are alive, doing great things, helping others, etc. 

These days your website is the hub of all activity. But Social Media is the way you get all the out. Post it on your site, share it on social. 

Socialnomics Video 2015

Alright class, watch the future of digital media with the Socialnomics video by MSU Alumni, Erik Qualman. After you watch, please share your comments below. Thanks for being a great class, this is your final participation grade of the semester. #GoGreen

Sunny Day Answers to Digital Marketing Questions

Q. Regarding the Big Idea in the full Digital Strategy, should everything ultimately relate back to that Big Idea and incorporate the Big Idea? Or are some concepts allowed to not relate completely to the Big Idea?


Michigan State Spartans Football Victory in Ann Arbor

Hope you enjoyed the exciting game this weekend between Michigan State University and the University of Michigan football teams. Curious what you thought of the game? 

Here's a great new highlight video that shows the finish and celebration, including Coach Dantonio in the locker room post game. 


Q&A from last week's post

Hi all: thanks for the great questions last week. Without further adieu...

How's it going so far?

I hope you're all enjoying the class so far!

I wanted to take a moment to answer a few of your questions from last week's blog post. I answered more directly in last week's blog comments, so if you don't see your question answered, check back on last week's post! 

Please leave questions for me in the comments below, and I'll answer them on next week's blog post. 

Where is online video going?

Earlier this semester Derek talked about the rise of online video. Facebook isn't the only platform where video is gaining momentum. Instgram is seeing an increase in video content and YouTube is getting more engagement as well. Users are searching for "How To" related videos in particular. Some marketors are claiming that all buisiness should start producing howto videos to capitalize on this trend.

Instagram on the Rise

Instagram has been around for years but is just now seeing a dramatic increase in time spent on the platform. Instagram currently has over 300 million users with over 75 million active users daily. We're seeing a trend where time spent on Facebook is declining and time spent on Instagram is increasing.

When these trends emerge, experts often speculate the cause. Some feel that Facebook's decline is largely in part to the growing adult demographic. Others claim Facebook has been "cool" for too long and it's simply gone out of fashion.

Meerkat and live streaming video

Have you used Meerkat?

If you have an iPhone or iPad, check it out now. This new livestreaming video app has been one of the hottest new apps since it was released earlier this year. What the app lets you do is post live streaming video from your phone in a very quick and easy way, and to watch livestreams from your friends.

Meerkat ties in with Twitter, so whenever you start broadcasting something, a link automatically goes out to your Twitter followers notifying them of the live broadcast.

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