Yik Yak and Spartan Basketball

I know many of you are on Yik Yak. This company has grown like crazy since it began in 2013. And this article in the New York Times talks about how it's used for some interesting purposes. Even MSU is mentioned in the article.

I'm curious how y'all use Yik Yak? Does it get crazy in some of your classes? What classes have the biggest Yik Yak usage from your experience?

Clickable ads coming to Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks around today – but for advertisers, it's always presented sort of a problem. So far, Instagram ads have been very limited. Only a few select companies could use them. And, the ads that appeared were almost solely designed to gin up awareness around a brand or product – but not to allow direct clicks/sales. 

Most popular brands on Twitter - why?

SocialTimes is a great social media news site run by AdWeek that’s worth following.

Last week, SocialTimes released its latest list of the 20 most popular brands on Twitter:

1. YouTube (@YouTube, 48,647,925 followers)

2. Instagram (@instagram, 37,367,736)

3. Twitter (@twitter, 35,040,450)

The Internet of Things

If you're paying attention to technology, you've probably noticed an increase in articles about "the internet of things." This quirky, relatively nondescript label describes the category of devices that connect to the internet. You may have one of these devices already, for example a thermostat or digital recorder that can be controlled remotely from a web interface.

Top Super Bowl Commercials 2015

This Sunday is the Super Bowl. Get your snacks ready and your game on for a fun time watching football and some amazing commercials. As you know, Super Bowl spots cost $4 Million and you have to wonder if they are effective and worth the money.

So this week let's talk about the best super bowl commercials. So you're assignment, should you choose to take it. Watch the Super Bowl. Tweet out commercials you like the best using the #NMDL tag.

Final Presentation

  1. Hello, I’m Sarah Tyson and today I am going to present to you my campaign for Lucy Activewear! 
  2. Lucy is a women’s clothing line that manufactures attractive athletic apparel and accessories for women. One of Lucy's goals as a brand is that your workout apparel should not only support your athletic activities, but should be trendy and flattering at the same time.

Spoiler alert! (not really)

Do you watch "The Walking Dead" on AMC?

Sometimes I think I might be the only person not to watch it – but I definitely know what it's like to have a major plot twist in a TV show or movie spoiled. It's awful, right?

That's why this social media fail is so terrible. Last night, a major character died on The Walking Dead (I don't feel like that's a major spoiler; deaths on a show about zombies don't seem too out of the ordinary). 


Today, news broke of a new product being tested by Facebook called "Facebook@Work."

Here's what it would do:

Digital Strategy Lush - Your daily Dirty routine

Today’s consumer is much more conscious of ingredients and processes that go into making of products. This is why the concept of natural cosmetic is gaining popularity these recent years. Lush is a global cosmetics retailer, aiming to provide ethical, animal-friendly all-natural products; offering products today’s environmentally aware consumer is looking for. 

Finding jobs via social media

Have you ever used social media to get a job?

Large retailers are finding it difficult to hire employees for the holiday shopping season, and so many have turned to social media to recruit seasonal employees.

The Wall Street Journal recently covered this topic in a great article, full of examples of how companies use social media to recruit employees:

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