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42 Top Social Media Tips and Tools

Whether you are new to social media or an expert, you can definitely learn something from this site. Check this out to learn some tip and tool for social media that you may not have known about before. 

20 Common Mistakes Made By New Bloggers

Learn what not to do when starting your blog, in order to get as many readers as possible!

Using Squidoo

Learn all about Squidoo, and even how to optimize your lens!

How Obama Used Social Media

Read about how President Obama used social media to gain votes, and fans.

How to use Squidoo to Promote Your Website

8 ways on how to bring traffic to your Squidoo site and how to rank high on google. 

Five Best Social Media Managers

Social Media managers allow you to put all your social media accounts (twitter, facebook, foursquare...) onto one hosting platform.  Good for busy social media gurus who like to check their accounts easily. 

SEO and Social Media Marketing

Check out this blog I found which is full of SEO info. 

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