Blogging: Hard or Easy?

Blogging has been something that always interested me but I have never had the courage to create my own blog. It seems like it would take so long to adjust to continuously update the blog. However, after reading chapter two of the book Google This, I gained confidence in writing my own blog. 

Important LinkedIn Tips to Boost Your Profile

Expanding Business Through Facebook Use

In today's society social media is everywhere and everyone is on it. Businesses are using social media to their advantage and using it often. One social media that is particularly useful in the business world is Facebook. A company can use it to promote their newest products or inform consumers about their newest deals. Facebook is an easy and free way to market a brand.

New strategy for a new age

Social Media Icons

The Future of Business is Now With Social Media

Social media has been growing and developing ever since 1969 when CompuServe became the first major commercial Internet service provider by using technology known then as dial up. By the year 1997, the web had one million sites and this was when the first form of blogging began.

Social say what?

Say What?

This weeks assignment was all about Social Profiles. I already had a Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest (the profile of my choice). I didn't have a LinkedIn, so that was interesting creating that.

Using Social Media to Keep the Spark Alive

Social Media and Social Networking: Are you using it correctly?


 I thought I knew a lot about social media, I’ve been on it since middle school. However a lot has changed since the early 2000’s. Here are some of the things I learned:


Social Media: May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor.

Social Media: May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor.

This first week has been a experience to put it lightly. I have spent the larger majority of my time trying to improve my social media profiles and thinking deeper about what could possible give me an edge against my peers. I kept my same Facebook and Twitter profiles. I have had a Google+ but, I never chose to develop my profile and actually find connections. I had to make a LinkedIn and after hours of work, I finally am content with my profile.

Hop Aboard the Social Media Train and Punch Your Ticket

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