Educational Benefits to Social Media

There are educational benefits for students who have and maintain their social media sites.

5 Social Media Lessons for Small Business

5 things we have learned about social marketing regarding small business.

Great Twitter App

If you are a big twitter user or even if your a newbie this is a really good application to have if you have any device from Apple that works off of application. This can make twitter more fun and way easier.

Twitter for New Media Drivers License

The first day of the New Media Drivers License seminar at Michigan State Unviersity was a blast. As I read through all the Twitter comments and tweets I had to laugh. What an amazing group of individuals in this class. Our largest so far. Thanks too all of you who were there, and looking forward to a great semester. 

Agreeing with and Challenging the New Rules of Marketing & PR

David Meerman Scott’s New Rules of Marketing & PR provides information regarding the shift of traditional communication methods to new online methods. Below are key points that Scott deems important from the first three chapters. However, in some cases, I challenge his thinking.

* Indicates my agreement with the author.

From here to there on the road to digital success

Starting off on the path of new media marketing is always exciting. Some of you may be proficient already, and some may be total digital novices. No worries, once you have your New Media Drivers License (r) certificate, you will feel qualified to navigate the digital space, and talk a good game with anyone.

HOW TO: Use Social Media is Your PR Pitch Plan

Learn how social media can play the most important role in a PR strategy. Social Media has the power to dramatically increase the awareness of the PR news letter.

Video Share Websites Review 2011

Here is a list of the top video sharing sites, along with reviews for each of them.

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