POLL-TERGEISTS Political Brands and Social Media Montoring

Written By: Stephen Stofflet

Rick SnyderVirg Bernero image


 I decided to monitor the political ‘brands’ of Rick Snyder and Virg Bernero - the gubernatorial candidates facing off in this year’s race in Michigan. The reputation and performance of a political brand on the Internet can provide valuable insight regarding public perception of a candidate; and the social networks may be able to provide additional insight that might not be picked up on in via standard polling methods.

Lululemon: The Hidden Gem of Athletic Apparel

Written By: Carmen Nguyen


Image by: The Healthy Bride


Listening to Lions Fans

Written By: Thomas Luxon

Brian Solis - Digital Analyst, Sociologist and Futurist

Written By: Carmen Nguyen


Photo courtesy of Brian Solis

Blogging on Blogging - Today's topic: Facebook

Written By: Thomas Luxon

Copyblogger: The best social media lesson I had ever

Written By: Siwen Liu

Why the War?

Written By: Emily Lopatofsky

People get their news from television, radio, internet, etc. but it is always filtered. George Orwell's novel 1984 explemplifies a world of totalitarianism involving mind control filtered media. Of course the United States does not represent such a dramatic world but do we really know the truth behind the war in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Blog for 'a photo a day' challenge

Written By: Hsiao-Han Hung

Smooth Sailing for Advertisers on the Web.

Written By: Kelly Lenart

New Rules of Marketing and Public Relations - The Lines Blur

Written By: Rachel Tripp

David Meerman Scott makes a number of excellent points in his how to guidebook "The New Rules of Marketing and PR."  The bulk of the book presents case studies and examples of successful (and unsuccessful) marketing practices, acting as a book for social-media best practices.  Though all of the suggestions and tactics Scott presents are very useful, I find one of the most insightful observation of the text within the first 25 pages. 

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