3 Ways to Get to Know Your Audience

So you have a blogger account but you don't have a lot of traffic and subscribers. Check out these 3 simple ways to get to know your audience and increase your readership.


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Brrrrr… Feels Like an Ideal Time to Monitor the North Face Brand!

Written By: Nina Elias

Increasing the Lovemarks for IKEA

Written By: Danielle Peters

Comcast Social Media Monitoring

Written By: Andrew Osborn

POLL-TERGEISTS Political Brands and Social Media Montoring

Written By: Stephen Stofflet

Rick SnyderVirg Bernero image


 I decided to monitor the political ‘brands’ of Rick Snyder and Virg Bernero - the gubernatorial candidates facing off in this year’s race in Michigan. The reputation and performance of a political brand on the Internet can provide valuable insight regarding public perception of a candidate; and the social networks may be able to provide additional insight that might not be picked up on in via standard polling methods.

Lululemon: The Hidden Gem of Athletic Apparel

Written By: Carmen Nguyen


Image by: The Healthy Bride


Listening to Lions Fans

Written By: Thomas Luxon

Brian Solis - Digital Analyst, Sociologist and Futurist

Written By: Carmen Nguyen


Photo courtesy of Brian Solis

Blogging on Blogging - Today's topic: Facebook

Written By: Thomas Luxon

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