Social Media Marketing and What We Crave - The New Rules of Marketing & PR

Written By: Melissa Newell

The Battle between Social Media and Internet Censorship

Written By: Saisai Xu

Job Hunting with Social Media

Written By: Shara Mcnamara

Follow me on Twitter and Friend me on Facebook!

Written By: Hsiao-Han Hung

Twitter business“Friend me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter!” You have probably heard this message zillion times on the internet, but the idea behind this message really worth us to think how powerful of today’s social media has changed our perception toward marketing.

Calvary Lutheran Church: An Online Campaign to Share God's Word

Written By: Kristen Parker

TITLE SLIDE: Calvary Lutheran Church: God’s Word in the Virtual World

SLIDE 2: About Calvary

Ralph Lauren - Mock Online Strategy

Written By: Melissa Minock

Image courtesy of

HBO Social Media Advertising Plan

Written By: Adrienne Cameron

Photo Credit: Nicole Lee

Slide 1: Title Page

Chris Brogan is following ME on Twitter!

Written By: Deborah Bourgois

Chris Brogan is following ME on Twitter!

Murray, Dead Fish, and other adventures of blogging

Written By: Ryan Dinkgrave

I decided to look at two blogs from the AdAge Power 150Murray Newlands and Only Dead Fish, numbers 149 and 150, respectively (as of July 8). 

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