Chris Brogan is following ME on Twitter!

Written By: Deborah Bourgois

Chris Brogan is following ME on Twitter!

Murray, Dead Fish, and other adventures of blogging

Written By: Ryan Dinkgrave

I decided to look at two blogs from the AdAge Power 150Murray Newlands and Only Dead Fish, numbers 149 and 150, respectively (as of July 8). 

Starbucks: Tweeted Every 23 Seconds!

Written By: Jessica Wernette

Short's Beer Comes Up Short in Social Media Monitoring

Written By: Bill Morgan

It’s been a hot summer week.  The mind often wanders toward cold beer.  So naturally, I decided to monitor the Michigan craft beer company called Short’s Brewing Company.  

People Talk, Starbucks Listens

Written By: Katherine Maier

Spartan Sagas: Share your story with the world

Written By: Rachael Zylstra

Most unique to the Spartans Will brand campaign is Spartan Sagas—a compelling way for the stories of Spartans be told to the world. MSU has almost 500,000 living alumni, and, later this month, the website take off and tell the stories of alumni, students, staff and faculty from all over the world.  

Dairy Queen is Social Media Royalty

Written By: Shelby Veldman

Dairy Queen

SEO: Pure Luck or Strategy?

Written By: Kara Beson

Search Engine Optimization is Not Black Magic

Written By: Elizabeth Wesson

Make Search Engine Optimization Work for you

Written By: Brittney Marshall

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