Tasty Halloween Pinning

Win Big and Join a Contest on Pinterest

At first I had a bit of trouble finding an adequate contest to enter. Then I found a great site that had a lot of contests listed to enter. If I had more time I would like to have entered more of them. After I finally found a decent contest I was interested in entering the steps for entering were quite simple.

Pin It to Win It: Pinterest Contests

*Notice: I posted a comment on this week's assignment board, but I am also posting here. My name is mispelled in this system. My name is Paul Cleaveland. You will notice that there is an E missing after the V in my last name. Please correct this. Thank you*


Pin Contest

Pin It to Win It

Pin It to Win It

Pinning Inspiration for Contests on Pinterest!

I started my Pinterest journey by revisiting my own Pinterest account. I sometimes use it so I know the in's and out's of the site. I logged in and chose a contest that was appealing to me. I chose the Outrage Fashion contest. The first thing I had to do was re-pin the contest pin onto my existing board. You can find all of my boards here.

The Twitter IPO

Yesterday, Twitter -- the now ubiquitous social network -- filed its IPO to become a publicly-traded company. 

Reasons To Becoming A Professional Blogger

Is Blogging Really Dead? 

Nowadays, almost everybody has a blog. Blog can have a variety of uses, you can write your dairies in personal blog, and manage your business on corporate blog. Blogging is growing rapidly. However, in the article Blogging Is Dead Just like the Web is Dead (p57), a New York Times story says blogging is declined and young people are using other social networks like Facebook instead.

The Importance of Social Media and Representing Yourself

Helpful Beginners Facts and Tips for Social Media Hermits

Helpful Beginners Facts and Tips for Social Media Hermits

It may be that it’s the first section of the book, and therefore must be informative, but I found this first chapter to be very informative and extremely helpful for this upcoming class and what it can accomplish for me in the future.

Social Media: A Fad That's Stinkin Around

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