Hop Aboard the Social Media Train and Punch Your Ticket

#NMDLKLOUT Winners!!

Alright, we had ~ 40 submissions, with average Klout Score of 52.  Great job, everyone.

Defining Yourself through your Online Presence

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Welcome to the New Media Drivers License. Some things to think about this week. Doing participation by commenting on this blog, and sharing two resources. Also, be sure to connect with your teachers on social networks. You can find me at Derek Mehraban on Linkedin. You can also follow my @mehraban Twitter and my company Twitter for Ingenex Digital Marketing.

Final Presentation

Slide 2: Big Idea

The big idea of my campaign is that women drink Gatorade too! Within the campaign, my main promotions are using our Gatorade products toward female athletics, healthy work-outs and staying fit. We also want consumers to believe Gatorade has a great effect with the price you are paying for Gatorade. 

Election Day Twitter Coverage: Okay, I am Hooked!

Tuesday, November 7th will go down in my book as one of the most electrifying nights to watch Election Day coverage and comparing activity on social and traditional media.  I don’t consider myself a super engaged political activist.  I have my opinions and usually keep them more private, but I absolutely loved the raw, less censored sentiment of the tweets posted during the night. 

Twitter Engagement

Twitter is a funny social network. They say you can use Twitter for whatever you want. And that's true. For this class we want to use it to carry on conversation with our students. That's why we use the hashtag #NMDL and we tweet at you, and expect you to do the same.

Kill The Alias & Land A Job!

Twitter Disguise picture

This was my absolute favorite resource so far simply because of its relevancy to my life at this time. It made me realize that if I wish to grow as a professional (as much as I would like to use my social networks to blab about personal information to my “friends” and “followers”) I also have to grow socially in my online profiles.

Brand Monitoring - TOMS


Hashtags and Tracking Social Media

HashTags are a great way to see what is up in the social media world. Do you know where the #hashtag came from?

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