NBA Players and Twitter

Sasha Vujacic, an NBA player, uses a highly interactive website to communicate with his fans. However, more players are using Twitter and the result is lack of responsbility from the users.

Playlists via Twitter

Ever hear a song while you're out that you want to download the second you get home? Since no one carries pens and paper around these days, you can create playlists via Twitter. 

How to Promote Yourself on Twitter

Twitter is a great platform to advertise a business, but don't over do it with tons of sales pitches. Learn the right things to do when tweeting about a business.

New Media Drivers License Commercial - Extra Credit

This is the Prezi Andrea Rottman and I created together. We were unable to find directions as to how to post the presentation to Youtube. Please use this link to view our Prezi. Thank you!


Note: Please scroll over the bottom of the opening "MSU" picture until the sound bar appears, then press "play" so the music starts. Then press the play button for the Prezi to begin.



Twitter Addiction

Look through 29 ways in which you can tell if you are addicted to twitter! Find out if you are addicted, and how you can solved this problem.

20 Simple Twitter Tips for Your Job Search

On the search for a job? Here's how you can use Twitter to your advantage and become a Twitter Pro.

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