What Should You Tweet About?

This blog gives tips on how to decide what to tweet about.

Twitter for Dummies

Contains Twitter guidelines to live by, what not to do on Twitter, and more.

Benefits of Polls on Twitter

This is a post on an online marketing blog describing the benefits of a running poll on Twitter. 

The Best Subtle Things About New Twitter

Here are some of the great new things about the updated twitter!

How To Use Hash Tags in Twitter

This know how video helps you in using hash tags on Twitter to generate buzz about your events.  We will have to do this in a later assignment in this very class.

Twitter Improvements

Twitter had 3 times the amount of revenue growth earned in 2010.  After Twitter founders Biz Stone and Ev Williams worked on business relations, the site has improved with little downtime. 

Use Twitter to Attract Clients

Attracting local clients and promoting your business with Twitter.

Twitter Applications

This site offers the essential applications that make Twitter so popular. Apps such as Twitdir and Twellow are some common ones that are creating buzz in the social media world.

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