Facebook vs. Twitter

Network World shows the many advantages and disadvantages of social networking sites, specifically Facebook and Twitter rivaling sites such as Linked In, Google, and Youtube. Shows some interesting statistics, the differences between the sites, and who is in the lead.

Helpful Twitter Agent

A twitter agent for the ultimate tweeter. An easy way to communicate with your followers quickly. 

How To Generate more Followers on Twitter

If your looking to have your voice heard more through Twitter, generating more followers is the way to do it.  Twiends has some great resources on how to do just that!

Twitter Basics

A basic intro to Twitter for us old media guys!

Twitter and the Government

Find out how government agencies can best use Twitter to keep connected. These tips are useful for any business catering to the public.

Twitter Etiquette: How to Tweet Politely

I am a Twitter beginner.... I dont know how to use and enjoy Twitter world yet.

For people like me,I got good infomation....

Social Media Grows Up

social media

Photo by www.inc.com

This article is saying that more and more people now use social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin, and that those kinds of social media influence on the change of business.

Twitter vs Plurk

You know Twitter, and you know Plurk, and you know they are similar.

But there are differences.......

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