Successful Twitter Campaign

Here's a blog with 12 tips on how to build a successful marketing campaign using Twitter.

50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business

some great ideas for twitter if you are starting up a business

How Twitter Could Unleash World Peace

Researchers from Britain, Korea, and Germany have determined that the amount of fresh information you get on Twitter is less a matter of what you follow than whom—and who follows you

Brilliant Twitter Manager

Get more followers! Let them do the work!

Live Tweeting - Fun or Frustrating?

How do you think that live tweeting can be either fun or frustrating? Even though Tweeter allows users to chat with friends anytime, anywhere and it is considered as a great social network, how do you feel about live tweeting? Go and read this article if you are constantly updating tweets!

How Twitter has Changed

This article discusses the ways people use Twitter, how it has evolved, and some of the ridicule the site faces. 

Twitter for Dummies

Here is a cheat sheet for people who aren't very savvy with twitter 

Business tips on Twitter

Want to use twitter for your business? here are some ways to be successful 

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