Social Media News, Insights and Tips

This resource tells different tips for Twitter, Facebook and other social networks!

Five Things About Social Media Success

In this article Mike makes just 5 important points about being effective in social media. All of which I want to work on!


Shel Israel's blog, Global Neighbourhoods, talks about how Twitterville has become a Twitteropolis.

10 Easy Steps for Twitter Beginners

This article provides an easy guide for optimizing your time on Twitter and how to get noticed on this social media platform.  10 easy steps to get started for those who don't normally use Twitter, and great ideas for those who already do.

Twitter for Dummies Cheat Sheet

An easy to read cheat sheet about Twitter that covers different commands, what the language means and the do's/don'ts of using Twitter. Great for people who are new to Twitter and want to learn the basics

Twitter Etiquette

This is a short article from "PC World" on how to tweet properly. Great pointers for any beginning "tweeter".

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Account

This is an article about how to use Linkedin and Twitter to their fullest potential. It's almost a "social networking for dummies" and explains how social marketing is the up and coming industry.

17 Reasons Twitter Can Help Your Business

Explains all that Twitter can do for a business! Many people wonder how Twitter can make an impact in business marketing - How can 140 words or less do anything at all? But this resource explains that Twitter CAN make effective marketing!

Neglect and Renaissance: Welcome back Linkedin & Twitter

An artist's image of what the social networking world looks like

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