Tweetdeck for Chrome Review

A review of Tweetdeck for Chrome. The author claims this is the best Twitter application and gives both the postitives and the negatives of the app.

Twitter vs. Facebook

This article discusses the debate about which is better: Facebook or Twitter? The article breaks down how many users each has, how many people updated daily, and the demographics of the users

FL Governor in Twitter war

Scott's communications director, Brian Burgess, is taking to Twitter to contradict and argue with reporters and criticize news outlets.

Ad Growing Pains for Twitter

Twitter's mobile app triggered backlash from users, as the new "QuickBar" placed a Twitter ad product ("Promoted Tweets") on top of users' newsfeeds. Twitter removed the QuickBar and now struggles to seek better targeting and analytics for advertisers.   

Twitter Search Is Now Three Times Faster

Along with Twitter's new search options they've also increased the speed of the search.

Using Twitter as a Pulse, Not a Firehose

How to dig up information about your target market through Twitter.

9 Benefits of Twitter for Bloggers

Because we are combinging social media forms it is good to know the benfits they have on each other. This article focuses on twitter and blogging.

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