Tips for Facebook and Twitter

Check this out for tips for using your social media networks Facebook & Twitter. 

Web photos reveal your location

There's an free program called that can identify the GPS location from pictures you've updated from Twitter or Flickr thanks to geo-tagging and mobile uploads. 

Dotted Tweets

Smart businesses use dotted tweets. Think of it like Twitter lists on steroids. You can assign a color to a tweet, and filter it to a list, which will save the tweet indefinitely! It goes beyond favoriting, this is creating lists of important tweets for your team to mull through, for research - you name it! This feature is going to feed into other updates that will come soon after where by you can assign tweets to different users.

Easy upload pictures on Twitter with yfrog

Easy step to upload your pictures on Twitter using yfrog

50 Twitter Power Tips

*video by Youtube

I actually didn't know how to use Twitter before taking the New Media Driver's License. Now I can use and am using it, but it's still slightly tricky for me to handle it. Here are tips for Twitter beginners, like me, to be powerful Twitter users.

How Twitter Will Change the Way You Live

Here is an article from Time talking about how much twitter is going to change the way we live!  I think its so funny how they social networking sites can change so much!

The Tweeted Times

This cool web site let's you create your own newspaper based on people's Twitters. Try and create your own, you can combine everything like Perez Hilton and CNN.

New Twitter Tools

There are 5 new Twitter tools that can help you manage your Twitter more effectively.

Snoop-Sheen song set for Twitter release

Snoop Dogg and ex- Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen have been collaborating on a song together. Snoop Dogg says the song will be released via twitter.

James Franco's Twitter Disappears

James Franco's twitter suddenly went off the radar around the same time as April fools, however, the holiday might not be to blame.

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