Top Twitter User Rankings

Look at who is using Twitter the most, how many followers they have and what they do to keep their Twitters exciting.

Razorfish Twitter Account

Razorfish's company twitter is digital marketing heaven. 

Advertising Week Twitter

Advertising Week has a twitter that keeps people who are interested in the advertising world up to date. 

50+ Ways to Search Twitter

A list of tools and sites that are useful when searching for someone or something on Twitter.

Facebook and Twitter for Brands

People are 'friending' and 'following' brands online. How does this help businesses?

50 Interesting Facebook Facts

Can you imagine that Americans spend 13.9 billion minutes a year on Facebook? Futhermore, 54. 7% of age between 13 to 17 in the United States has Facebook account.  These are all the interesting facts about Facebook. Go and check it now!

Marketing with Twitter

This article explains how marketing on Twitter is beneficial

Discounts galore on Twitter, Facebook

This discusses how social networking websites have more value then just connecting with people. It also recommends that if you don't have an account you should get one just for the coupons & special rewards offered. They say if you go to a store, malls, company, etc facebook page, you are likely to encounter deals and coupons that you won't find anywhere else.

How to Double Your Retweets

This article gives a few quick tips on how to double your retweets.

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