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Business Objectives & KPI’s:



Brand: Urban Outfitters

Website: http://www.urbanoutfitters.com

Business Objectives & KPIs:

Get to know your Michigan State University ADV 420 profs

Derek Mehraban

President and founder of Ingenex Digital Marketing. Co-Founder at Fantelope, sports fan engagement and competition platform. MSU Spartan.

Ross Johnson

CEO of 3.7 Designs. Wordpress guru. Father and husband.

Graham Davis

Summertime Rolls on NMDL

Do you see Microsoft's recent purchase of LinkedIn causing any large changes in the digital marketing and social media space as a whole?

It's all about that web...

Q:As I look around at different websites, it is obvious that some use pre-made templates, while others are individually coded. For example, some companies choose to use Squarespace, while others use IWeb. Which method of creating a website is most effective, maximizes the quality of the website and ensures universal viewing capabilities (able to view on any sized screen, including phones, computers and tablets)?

What do you want to know?

Most of you will have a dozen or more jobs in your lifetime. Some job changes will also mean a different career. Switching jobs is hard enough, career changes can require years of training and acclimating just to be at the same level you were previously. 

Creating an Image

My Plans

Thank You Tim Berners Lee... and Al Gore?

Some of you maybe familiar with the ultra-successful social network Reddit. If you are, you're probably aware of their "IAmA" series, where famous and (not-so famous) people introduce themselves and answer questions from other Reddit users.

Where is Online Shopping Going Next?

Throughout my career I have collected a fair amount of friends who share simmilar, but different occupations. Meaning they work on or with websites but don't design them. The most valuable aspect of these friendships is the broad range of industries thet work in. From automotive to news, a quick conversation always gives me perspective on the next online growth area.

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